One of the best things about fashion, whether in real life or Second Life, is the excitement of finding or being introduced to an interesting new designer. This happened to me recently when I was asked to review some outfits from Freda Fredriksson’s new line. Although Freda has been in Second Life since February 2007 and designing from nearly the beginning, I had been unaware of her store, Freda’s Fine Fashion. Thankfully that is no longer the case. In addition to reviewing her new designs, I also had the opportunity to talk with her and get to know her a bit.

Freda is a fashion designer in real life but is drawn to the possibilities offered by Second Life. This being a virtual world, she believes designers need not confine themselves to being totally realistic. She is however, concerned with making quality clothing. She uses her own textures from a variety of sources including scanned material, hand drawings and computer graphics. Her designs show her love of colors and patterns. As for where she gets her ideas, she had this to say: “My inspirations I mostly get from simple things, from nature and art, just a funny shape or a color-combination around me makes a new design in my mind.”

When I visited her store it was apparent how prolific Freda has been in Second Life and how varied her creations are. This new line is funky and fresh with a vintage flavor in both design and pattern. Highly detailed patterns and rich colors combine to produce a look that’s sure to stand out. The Knitted Skirt with Flowers (below, left) is textured in horizontal stripes of varied colors and spotted with flowers on the bodice. The flexi prim skirt is short with a wide flare and moves with a sexy swaying motion. Long sleeves end in flared prim cuffs and the dress has a thick prim waistband. A prim scarf and matching flowered knee socks are included. Shown here in blues and yellows, it is also available in reds and blues or greens and purples.

On the right is the Sweater with the Zodiac Skirt. The handkerchief skirt is patterned with suns, moons and stars with a hemline falling to mid-thigh. The wool textured sweater has a high flared collar and wide flare cuffs on long sleeves. The prim headscarf matches the skirt and the over knee leggings match the sweater. The glitch pants and leggings can be worn as separate parts or combined in an optional single piece pants layer item. In addition to the red seen here, this outfit can be purchased in blue or yellow. Both of these outfits also include a smart-scripted skirt option.

Next are a couple of jumpsuits. First the Picturprint with Crocheted Coat, which has mid-length scallop edged sleeves, a deep plunge neckline and a sculpted prim upright collar. The wonderfully textured crocheted coat is made from a system jacket and skirt and has a flexi-prim front tie. The wrist-length crocheted gloves match the coat. This outfit can easily be worn with or with out the coat and gloves. The detailed textures make both options quite interesting and pleasing. Here the light and dark purples produce a wonderful contrast, this outfit can also be had in contrasting blues or browns.

Finally, we have the Knitted Jumpsuit and Coat. The leafy patterned, irregular edged coat contrasts playfully with the multicolored horizontal striping of the jumpsuit. The upright sculpted prim collar is consistent in design with the coat. Along with the shades of blue presented here, this outfit also comes in green and autumn shades. Although this one can also be worn without the coat, both of these outfits are really best seen in their entirety. The various contrasts created make for richer more interesting looks. But the fact that both can be worn without the coat and still look good is a testament to the designer and quality of the clothes.

From the clothing presented here, it is clear that Freda makes wonderful designs with a high level of detail and quality. The textures and designs are creative and unique with excellent use of color, patterns and contrast. The movement of the flexi-prims is exceptional, especially for the skirts, which move in a fun and flirty manner. I wore these outfits for several days prior to writing this post and received many approving comments on the clothes and a number of inquires as to the store and designer. These four outfits are truly wonderful and Freda is now one the designers I’ll be recommending to people when they want something new.

The hair used in the pictures is Yohkoh from Kin and the earrings are Kraftika No. 117 in purple.