EFA’s big 100,000 hits blog banner contest party took place last Friday. The 100,000 blog hits milestone was a cause for celebration, but the evening was special for another reason as well; Sienna Fredriksson (yours truly) will no longer be the blog’s editor and she will only be involved with ALTAMODA magazine, and Harriet Gausman, renowned writer, is taking over EFA’s blog from now on. Of course, the name of the lucky winner of our contest was also announced. Congratulations to Haydin Romano, whose banner will be placed on the blog for one whole month and who will receive L$ 60,000 worth of prizes! If you’re curious about Haydin’s creation all you have to do is to keep checking back on this site, as it will shortly become our official banner. After the announcement there was dancing, drinking and partying – you can see it all in the pictures by Tillie Ariantho below. Enjoy!

Stay tuned to our official events diary to find out about our upcoming shows.