Friday, September 19th, 2008

Fantasy is a popular genre in today’s works of fiction.  Many credit J. R. R. Tolkien for popularizing it through his Lord of the Rings trilogy, and many more have followed.  Authors such as Katherine Kurtz, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan and a host of others have added their own interpretations.  Although each one has a unique style and have developed different worlds in which their novels take place, there are some commonalities as well.  It’s common for the stories to take place in societies where magic substitutes for technology and the characters have unnatural abilities.  Often other types of races or creatures are included.  The fashions of such works are often derived from earlier ages of the real world.  Mostly from eras in which magic and other-worldly creatures were more commonly believed in.  There is a romanticism associated with these times that draws many to these novels and the manner of dress from Medieval and Renaissance times just seems to fit so well.

Second Life offers us the chance to experience worlds of this type in a way previously unavailable to us.  There have been many sims and role play groups created to reflect or pay homage to popular works of fantasy.  Naturally, designers make these places all the more rich by offering the styles required.  3star Tyne of 3star Design is one such designer.  Many of her gowns are created in Medieval style.  Below are two examples, her Fairytale Gown in the Gold Court option and Roses Roses.

The corset style bodice of the Court Gown has front lacing and prim cap sleeves.  The texture has a gemstone at the cleavage and two prim stones are included as options.  The corset portion is on the jacket layer and can be removed for a more comfortable look.  This gown can be worn with or without the intricate flexi-prim sleeves parts.  Shown here with the veiled circlet there is also a plain circlet included.  The flexi-prim skirts come in two lengths to fit both tall and short avatars. Prim ruffles at the waist and a prim collar add detail.  It’s easy to see where Roses Roses gets it’s name.  This dress is textured with a wonderful rose pattern and a wreath of roses at the waist.  The rose circlet for the head has the plain version shown and one with long streaming ribbons in many colors.  There is even a prim rose adornment at the cleavage.  The bodice can be worn as shown or without the red sleeves in a sleeveless version.  Another option is as a full red top without the rose patterned part. (more…)

PLACE: Blue Sky: Angel Dessous – Lingerie and More

TIME: 11:00 AM SLT Guest Arrival; 11:30 AM SLT Show Start

Hosted by Rhi Rossini

Modeled by Top EFA Model, Rena Mascot and Titled Models Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Ella Quinsette and ZoeAnastasia Aeon.

Angel Dessous are otherwise known as Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont. They began Angel Dessous in April 2007 at the Vision of Trust sim in a small shop with just 5 lingerie sets. From there they moved to Blue Moon Bay sim in October 2007. They eventually bought the Blue Sky sim and built the Blue Sky Mall placing their main store in front of the mall. After 8 months, their growth necessitated building a new main store on another sim, which they designed using their own ideas and the wishes of their friend and SL architect, Arian Voss. Now they carry about 200 assorted lingerie and casual wear items. The ideas for the lingerie are inspired by RL pieces, therefore they try to design items that would not only be worn in SL, but RL as well.

Designer Bax Coen has been making Boots since she came to SL in early 2007 when she found the existing boots were either covered in chains and belts, looked like the were built out of Lego, made to fit elephant’s legs or all of the above. Her original BAX Boots have been a tremendous success. They have been called SL’s best boots countless times and were copied in looks and building style by many others. All of the designs feature a sleek and sexy look and the first high quality heel click walk sounds in SL that are 100% adjustable. Now she has taken it to the next level by releasing the new BAX Ankle boots, featuring highly realistic, detailed looks and script-assisted fitting and resizing. But the most exciting feature is the new color change system, enabling you not only to have a unique look on the boots by changing up to 9 different parts but to pick up any exact color of your outfit for that and set it as an accent in the boots. A purse comes with every tall Bax boot purchase. You can find Bax’s main store here.

We hope to see you at one of the SEXIEST lingerie shows to date! Ooh, la, la!