Hey EFA fans, this is Capri Dubrovna! When thinking about what to blog about for my very first EFA blog post, I tried to pick something that would truly represent the theme of my weekly blog: luxury. Each week I’ll be blogging about an item or items that most would consider an indulgence – those fancy things in SL that we buy because we can’t afford them in real life! For my first post, I wanted to introduce this theme with something exquisite – and I found that something at Arachne Silks. What could be more luxurious than lingerie – SILK lingerie?

I learned of Arachne Silks, and designer Celadori Sakai, when I randomly asked one of my groups where I should shop for the afternoon. As soon as I landed in the store, I knew that these designs would have to be included in a luxury post. The beautiful, silken textures and many “extras” that come with the outfits really make them a great splurge. The designs themselves, which come in several jewel-toned color options, conjure up images of sensual waterfalls in India, or the colorful temples of Arabia.

For example, the Brinneal outfit (below, right), which is Celadori’s newest release, comes with armbands, wristlets, footlets, a circlet, and a belly ring – all studded with tiny gems. Celadori, obviously very proud of her newest creation (and for good reason!) informed me that “Brinneal” means “beautiful” in Gaelic. The fabric is a rich, sumptuous satin with intricate detailing around the edges. Brinneal, like most of the outfits, comes with options galore. Short and long skirt versions, multiple layer options, and sheer versions of each piece, to name a few. In addition to green, Brinneal comes in black, blue, purple, and red, with trim options in silver or gold.

Another design that caught my eye while I was in the store was White Diamond (below, left)– a frisky little number with a gorgeous iridescent sheen to the fabric. White Diamond features a sexy tassel prim at the bust, tassled thigh bands and arm bands, earrings, a circlet, and a nipple chain (not shown in picture). I am wearing White Diamond in blue, but it also comes in amber, green, red and teal. Like Brinneal, White Diamond comes in multiple layer options and with a long and a short (shown) skirt version.

Speaking of options, if you’re anything like me, you LOVE playing with colors. Often I’ll look at something in my closet and think, “Man, if only they made that in hot pink!” Not a problem with another of Celadori’s creations: No. 7, which is shown on the right. No. 7, while a fairly simple design compared to the others that Celadori offers, has the wonderful feature of being fully color customizable. Here I made the main bikini part of the outfit a darker teal, and changed the skirt and arm band prims to a lighter shade of the same color. This makes for a fabulously versatile, and dazzlingly luxurious, set of lingerie!

Next to No. 7 is Galaxy, a sultry string bikini top paired with a sheer, flowing skirt, thong, twisted gold arm and thigh bands, nipple barbells, and a diamond-studded bindi. The bikini and thong come in multiple layer options and in regular, sheer, and ultra sheer fabric choices. In addition to starlight, Galaxy comes in eclipse (a deep purple) or midnight (dark blue). Any woman wearing this set will feel as though she has fallen into the lap of luxury!

Arachne Silks lingerie is sensual and passionate, and I am so glad that I happened upon this store. Stop by and see the many luxurious silk designs for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Hair seen in photograph is “Emma” from Dernier Cri