Elegance, power, sophistication, style, and glamour are five words used by Valenttina Carfagno to describe her line, Frozen Turquoise Valentine (FTV) [landmark].  FTV appeals to a broad range of personal styles by providing individual elements in each look designed to mix and match with other outfits.  FTV vibrantly  reinteprets classic designs through a youthful lens and incorporates haute couture sillouttes in ready-to-wear garments.  I sat down with Valenttina to discuss her creative perspective.

Christiana: How long have you been in Second Life (TM), and when/how did your business begin?
Valenttina: I have been in Second Life (TM) since May 2nd, 2007. So you make the math… hahaha.. and I started designing pretty much since September last year but the business really started off in October… so Frozen Turquoise Valentine is about to become a 1 year old toddler.

Christiana: How did you come up with the name Frozen Turquoise Valentine? I love it!
Valenttina: Thanks. I’m a turquoise lover so I wanted that in the name… Valentine is both romantic and a version of my Second Life (TM) name.  And frozen because I love sparkles and frost… So it was a great mixture of things that resulted in the brand name!

Christiana: What sparked your interest in starting your own line?
Valenttina: I have always been a fashion girl… I have this genuine love for it and getting to Second Life (TM) just made me realize that more.  Then I got caught in the design world and discovered I was truly passionate about it.