There are many well-known and popular designers in Second Life.  They owe their success in large part to the quality of their work and uniqueness of their designs.  All these successful designers had to start as unknowns and build their reputations over time.  When I find a lesser-known designer with excellent and creative works, I like to call people’s attention to them.  Alba2 Rossini of Alba Fashions is a designer that I have been aware of for some time but is less known than she deserves to be.  Her designs are extremely creative and her work is exceptional.  She draws on many elements to create her designs, including fantasy and nature.  Below, I present several styles that demonstrate the range of her creativity.

The first outfit is the “embroidery black long dress”, a sleeveless satin and lace dress.  The flex-prim skirt has multiple layers with irregular hemlines edged in wide, intricate lace. The nearly backless bodice has a lace edged deep V neckline adorned with a prim jewel at the bottom.  A semi-transparent scarf wafts around the shoulders making for a truly elegant design.  This dress is pictured here with Digit Darkes Antoinette shoes and shiny black stockings from No. 9 Nylons.  The hair is Diversity Penelope and the Jewelry is from Earthstones.

On the right is the sexy “silk gold and green roses”.  The bandeau top that is edged with green rose embroidery leaves much of the torso bare.  The asymetrical skirt with matching rose embroidery sits low on the waist below the navel to really emphasize the bare midriff.  Spiral gold armbands add an Asian flavor.  Here it is presented with Tesla Natasha heels and shiny nude stockings from No. 9 Nylons.  Hair from Zero Style and Muse Fine Jewelry drop necklace and pearl earrings complete the look.

Next is the fantasy inspired “Rose Explosion Fairy dress”.  The pinks, reds and whites of this dress do seem to explode in an array of roses, especially when in motion.  The skirt and wings have a feathery texture that makes them look light and airy.  This magical dress is shown here with Enkythings Yula II shoes and No.9 Nylons shiny pink stockings.  Muse Marguerte Peacock feather earrings can be seen along with the Diversity Penelope hair.

Lastly we have the animalistic “Zebra Dress with Metallic Rose belt”.  This dress is patterned completely in black and white zebra stripes.  The sleeveless bodice has a prim fringe around the waist just above the top of the double layered skirt.  The metallic belt is adorned with long black flexi-prim streamers.  Matching opera length gloves are included.  The color scheme is continued here with white Enkythings Yula II shoes and black zebra stockings from Sheer.  Also used for the photo is Maitreya Aimee hair in silver and Earthstones Timeless Pearl earrings in black.

Alba2 Rossini is a wonderful designer and I hope her designs continue to increase in popularity. She is a designer worth watching and I expect big things from her in the future.  Presented here are just a few of the interesting things to be found at her store.  If you’re looking to find something new and unique, try visiting Alba Fashion.