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This week I’m ecstatic to write about Glowing Gems by Jenny Thielt. Don’t let the fact that the store has been open for less than a year fool you; Jenny has been designing since she joined Second Life (R) almost 2 years ago. She has taken jewelry inworld to a whole new level. The first time I spoke to Jenny about my love of her jewelry I was delighted to find that she doesn’t use bling! Yay! No more “bling off” commands every time I place my jewelry. Instead, the Glowing Gems pieces do just that, they slightly glow, and the effect is amazing. She focuses on simple elegance, nothing too gaudy. Glowing Gems enhance instead of detract from your overall appearance.

Through Second Life (R), Jenny has found a place to release some of her creative energy. She has enjoyed the endless possibilities presented inworld and has created an amazing place for jewelry. That isn’t all, though. Jenny has been insanely busy releasing a new line of skins and setting up an affiliate program.

There are awesome things going on down at Glowing Gems and a stop in her store will show you just how amazing her work is. You can find her jewelry and her skins at Agard.