October 2008

Many of us in Second Life spend a lot of time and money on the appearance of our avatars.  We do this for many reasons ranging from professional reasons such as modeling to just plain vanity.  But for whatever reason, there is no denying that an entire industry thrives on our desires to look beautiful and handsome.  Second Life residents can choose from a large variety of shapes, skins and hair in search of their ideal body and looks.  One less talked about piece of this puzzle, but very important to consider for close up views is the eyes.  The selection of eyes can dramatically impact the effect that an overall avatar look can have.  With the wide variety of avatars available to us, including human, semi human, animal and totally fantastical, it is important to have a wide selection of eyes.  Recently I was alerted to some new releases in this area of avatar design from A. D. Studios.

Two lines of eyes have been released, called Monochrome and Dualtone.  Both lines include a number of natural colors as well as unnatural ones.  Below is a small sample from the Dualtone series.  Shown are avacado 3, dusk 2, frosting 3.

Next is a sampling from the Monochrome series.  These are finch 2, vermilion 1, sky 2.

These samples demonstrate a number of choices in both natural and unnatural colors.  All the eyes have a realistic texturing and an apparent glint of light for to produce some expression.  Looking closely you can see the main difference between the series.  The Monochrome series uses a gradation of a single color for the iris, whereas the Dualtone’s iris has a rim of a different color that blends into the primary.



 Show pictures by Tillie Ariantho

 [KA] has long been one of my favorite stops for skins – superb quality and attention to detail are hallmarks of Kira Ahn’s work. Little did I know, however, that these standards apply not only to her skin collection, but also to her fashion line. I got to sample some of Kira’s new fall designs, and I must say, [KA]’s latest pieces are absolute must-haves for every fashionista’s autumn wardrobe.

The first pieces that caught my eye in Kira’s newest line were two coats of drastically different styles. The Nomis jacket, top left, is a warm and cozy pea coat of the softest red wool. Nomis is made up of prim cuffs, shoulder detailing, collar, and a prim skirt/belt. In addition to red, Nomis also comes in blue, purple, mud, and black. This is definitely a fabulous coat for the chilly months ahead! Next to Nomis you’ll see the Nedo jacket. This jacket is one of my favorites I’ve seen this season. It has a looser feel than the sleek Nomis, with a flaired shape that will flatter any figure. The herringbone texture that Nedo uses adds a sophistication to the design that makes it just perfect for any occasion, from business to pleasure. Nedo comes in gray (as modeled), red, black, plum, and lila (pink). I’m inclined to pick up one of each color!



Second Life, Thursday, October 23, 2008: Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to announce the Seventh Runway Divas Show. The theme for this edition is Halloween.

The haunting event will take place on Thursday, October 23 2008 at 1pm SLT. As usual, there will be a mini show by Rena Mascot and her friends, followed by the actual model contest.

The models joining the contest will have two sexy outfits prepared and the winner gets a gift from the sponsor. This editions sponsor will be *Eclipse* by Eclipse Lykin.

You won’t want to miss this one!

About the Ewing Fashion Agency

Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic and dynamic group founded by model Una Ewing and is based at Ischia. The agency was set up to develop, train and promote the careers of new and established models and fashion designers in Second Life. We are a fashion promotions agency, which means we use fashion as a promotional tool for our non-fashion industry related clients and promote fashion for our fashion industry related clients.

The designer in this week’s spotlight is brand spanking new! Albros Breda just launched her jewelry line, Cihuae!, in the Mayfair, London sim.  Albros is a recent graduate of the Master Jeweler’s Certification (MJC) course, a part of the Technical User interfacing Neophytes (TUi NEO) program. She started designing in Second Life (TM) after joining the MJC program and was inspired to develop her own line out of curiosity. Albros and her designs are Second Life (TM) reflections of the real life designer. I sat down with Albros to discuss her experience as a new designer in Second Life (TM).

Cihuae! Storefront in Mayfair, London

Cihuae! Storefront in Mayfair, London

Christiana: How long have you been in Second Life (TM), and when/how did your business begin?
Albros: I have been in Second Life (TM) a little over 7 months now, but I could honestly say that my business is just starting.

Christiana: Did you have any real life design skills or did you learn inworld?
Albros: Only some knowledge on graphic design as I used to work for magazines.

Christiana: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?
Albros: I admire the work of my mentor, Izira Kirkorian, and her support is most encouraging.


I’ve got to be one of the luckiest bloggers on the team. I focus on the designers that sponsor our events. Not only do I get to interact with some of the best designers in SL, I also get to learn what makes them tick. I love finding out why they design what they do and how hard they work to make sure their creations are perfect for us shopaholic residents in Second Life (TM).

My most recent excitement comes from the designers that were featured or were sponsors at our recent Halloween runway show. Of course, you’ll hear all about the show, but that’s another blog. I get to tell you all about the designers!

Black Arts was one of the designers featured on the runway. Chimera666 Graves, the creator and designer of the Black Arts clothing line, is definitely born to design in SL. She considers herself an artist and loves that SL offers her the ability to create and share the things she creates. She began designing a year and a half ago and has spent that time finding inspiration in the music she hears, the environment around her, and her own personal moods. Because of this she has an array of styles. Some are dark and moody, others flirty and sensual. The one common tie is that they are all goth inspired. She’s has used other things to inspire these goth creations as well. You can see peeks of domination, submission, vampirism, baby dolls, and many other different styles in her creations. You can see her amazing designs for yourself at Black Art’s main store.


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