Here at the Ewing Fashion Agency we look forward to each Friday’s Happy Hour in the ~*Ewing Events VIP Guest List*~. Each week is a treat with some of the hottest designers around getting us excited about their work. Claim your spot in the group anytime; enrollment is currently open. We recently heard from Lyra Muse of Jaywalk.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new things going on down at Jaywalk now is the time to do it. Coming back from a recent break, Lyra is beginning some major expansion. Now, the shoes we have loved from Jaywalk aren’t all we can find there! Clothing and accessories are available, and from what Lyra tells me, more are on the way!

With more than 5 years dabbling in designing and building, Lyra is no new player to the SL fashion scene. She spent 3 years learning and then took her talents to Last Call, where she officially began designing. Now she has a place of her own in Jaywalk and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Talking to Lyra you learn she is humble and thankful for the opportunities SL has afforded her. She is open and curious, always looking for new things to design. With the self-proclaimed “attention span of a gnat”, she focuses her search for inspiration in those things that catch her attention and hold it for more than a moment. Among the top of her list of inspiriting arenas are real life fashion, real life art, and her “weird dreams”.

Lyra has a love for SL fashion and it shows in the pieces she creates. She has found a way to share her ideas with others, first through the Jaywalk shoe lines, and now in the clothing and accessory expansion. Check out her favorite design, her Quinn shoes. “I am having so much fun making clothes, but that feels like a very solid piece of work to me, and I love the texturing on it,” Lyra told me as was spoke about her store.

Visit the Jaywalk store in Lithium City and begin to enjoy the Jaywalk collection as much as I have!