It’s always nice to find a store that makes you want to visit frequently. You start aisle by aisle, picking out what you will buy, and what’s going to be your future purchase. Once you join the update group and you know what the newest hot items are, they must be added to the list too, or be bought. Maybe I should just IM the owner and ask for a flat rate, one of each to go?!

Rating Scale in shopping bags

1 – Dislike

2 – Needs Improvement

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Loved it

The Facts

Name: MF Marinoco Fashion

Owner/Designer: Marinoco Oceanlane

Shop Category: Formal and Casual Fashion, Wedding, Maternity, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Lingerie and Men Clothing

Price Point: Medium Low range

General Environment

  • Decor: wide and bright

  • Music: No music

  • Navigation: Easy, helpful signs

Customer Service

  • Level of Knowledge: No in-store employees

  • Interest in helping: Send note card to owner

  • Did they suggest anything new: Yes

  • Availability: Send note card to owner

  • Demos: No

  • Freebies: Freebies, one lucky chair and a camping chairs

  • Communication: Update Group

  • Models: Live models in-store

  • Refund Policy: No

  • Permissions: Copy / No Trans / Mod

  • Custom work: No

  • Pose stands: yes


  • Variety: Very Good

  • Versatility: Good

  • Colour choices: Many choice

  • Quality: Very good

  • Matching accessories: Yes


  • Delivery: Box

  • Contents: Note card, Purchase & Landmard

  • Item Naming: Items are descriptively named

The landing point is right in front of the entrance. You walk a few steps forward to find a board with indications and LM’s to the several sections of the shop; the news and information are on the wall to your right. On the same wall, Marinoco Fashion has a pick of the day with a 50% discount!

The store structure is in a square shape with just one level decorated in a tropical style giving you a positive mood which is great for shopping. The aisles are quite wide so you won’t bump into other costumers; you have to fly to see the vendors on the top of the walls. In the centre, there is an enchanted tree placed in the middle of a fountain. You can sit, relax while deciding which gown to buy… You can do it as well in one of the balconies with a wonderful view over the beach. Lovely!

If you go there with time, I’d suggest you take your sweetheart along – you can find clothes for both men and women – and walk on the beach to cuddle and kiss for a while on the gorgeous beach surrounding the shop.

The camping area is in the back of the shop… There are eight chairs all of them with different items to camp for. The freebies area is right in front of your eyes when you seat to camp! You don’t need to worry about getting lost because there are clear and visible signs leading you to the different categories with neatly arranged vendors which have beautiful pictures in lovely colours.

You can join the update group and if you wish to purchase a gift, you have to use OnRez or SLexchange. You can discover all about MF in her blog

The creations are very detailed with beautiful colours. The prices are very affordable proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to be lovely in your everyday second life!

So, let’s go shopping at Marinoco Fashion!

Mystery Shopper gives Marinoco Fashion an overall of

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