A few days ago I decided to check out the Vanity Universe Glamour Expo.  These fairs are great places to see a large selection of designers in various categories.  This month, the Glamour Expo is showcasing Second Life’s fashion designers.  I saw most of the top and well-known names there, but as I had hoped, I also came across a few names I hadn’t been familiar with.  Of these new names, one really stood out to me.  Maybe it was the cute, feminine styles, or the vibrant colors and textures, or the suggestion of bygone days.  I suppose it was a combination of all these things that caught my eyes.  In any case, the designers name is pixivor Allen and her store is A La Folie.  I knew immediately that I wanted to share what I saw and decided to present some of her creations here.

A La Folie has a number of really cute short dresses with lots of frills and layered skirts.  Some of which come as complete outfits with hat, shoes and/or jewelry.  The first one pictured below is called “Vagabonde”, a strapless mini-dress with a number of options.  First of all, the prim skirts can be worn to produce either an empire or natural waist dress.  The standard skirts are polka dotted white with black lace edged hems.  Alternatively, you can replace a number of them with the optional sheer black tulle.  All together there are eight pieces to the skirt of which you can wear up to five at once, resulting in a multitude of possible looks.  This outfit also includes the shoes and hat seen here.

In the middle is the wonderfully feminine “Violine”.  This dress tantalizes the eyes as you move with all the flexi-prim frills in addition to the diaphanous skirt and deep V-neckline.  The cap sleeve and neckline accents come in various configurations to allow for wearing them on different attach points or in various combinations.  This dress comes complete with the hat, shoes and bracelet pictured.  Liberty, seen on the right, is a highly detailed empire waist sundress.  The pattern is one of tightly packed flowers of different colors.  Seen here in the rose color, it is also available in white and yellow.  The matching hat is sold separately in three colors.

Cherries and blossoms abound on the white “Cerise”.  This beautiful, strapless mini-dress has a large ribbon tied around the waist with a big bow in back.  Cherry adorned shoes, necklace, earrings and bracelets are all included.  The black “Mousseline” shows what can be done with the basic three-piece dress.  It is made from just a shirt and pants layer with added prim skirt. With the strapless corset styled bodice, the detailed skirt and the excellent texture, this dress has a great look and is fun to accessorize.

In addition to the many short dresses, A La Folie also has long and formal styles.  The green and gold “Vert Empire” dress has among its options the ankle length one pictured below.  The sexy, strapless bodice is semi-transparent with a flower pattern to cover the bust.  The long skirt is made from three prim parts, each of which can be replaced with a translucent, flowered lace offering a choice of looks.  There is also a short skirt option with the hemline just above the knee.

For a more formal look, try “Glamour”, an ankle length sheath dress with a sexy high side slit adorned with black tulle.  The neckline of the strapless, corset styled bodice is edged in black lace.  Matching opera length gloves and the included black pearls make it truly elegant.  This ensemble comes with the shoes seen.

If you’re looking for something new and fresh and you don’t yet know of pixivor Allen, pay a visit to A La Folie to see the rest of this wonderful collection.  The quality and attention to detail of these clothes make them well worth the price.  Whether you want a dress for everyday wear or something for a special occasion, there’s a good chance you’ll find something there.

All stockings seen are from the No.9 Nylons new lace stockings collection.  The shoes not included with the outfits are from Tesla.  Hair is either “Chocolat” from Zero Style or “Penolope” from Diversity Hair.  Additional jewelry is from Miriel.