The sixth Runway Divas took place in Ischia, on October 2nd with the theme being “White” so our supermodels were bound to shine like stars on the runway! Rena Mascot and her friends, Haruka Kish, Firedragon Bellios and Silky Trilling held a mini show followed by the actual model contest. As usual models had two sexy outfits prepared giving them the chance to show their moves and to win fabulous prizes!

Several alumni as Kate McLaglen, Lizzyox Allen, Lacey Bade and Monica Baiut were there to participate and brighten up the runway as well.

Nadja Baxter covered the event to post a review on her blog and Sharron Schauman from Bosl and Mimi Juneau from Mimi’s Choice also attended the show.

The lovely winner of the Runway Divas VI was Kimmyko Mayako and the sponsor for the evening was Millage Valenti, women Skin and Hair.

Take a look at the photos below by Tillie Ariantho