Hello, my name is Capri, and I’m addicted to skins. Seriously, I should attend meetings. Finding a new, quality skin-maker is one of the few things that can change a really miserable day into a fabulous one. And I had just that experience when I ran into Olyvia Zenovka, store manager of LionSkins, at an event. She was wearing the most artistic skin I had seen in awhile and I asked her wear she got it. She chuckled, and told me about the store. I TPed there a few days later and was blown away by the variety and the quality. The shading on the body and the detail in the face are particularly well done. Now, why are these skins being included in the luxury column, you ask? Well, to me a luxury item has two attributes: extremely high quality, and a somewhat prohibitive price. At 1200L a skin, these aren’t the most expensive skins I’ve seen, but they certainly aren’t the cheapest. But as you’ll see, these skins are totally worth the expense!

Olyvia and LionSkins creator Lion Jonesford explained to me that their goal with the store is to allow women to define beauty in their own unique way. With a wide variety of everyday and runway-inspired skins, there really is something for everyone. I was lucky enough to sample a few skins from Lion’s newest line, the Suzana line. Below on the right, you will see Suzana – pale 10, a neutral look with glossy lips and smoky eyes. On the left is the Suzana – pale freckles 10, one of many freckled skins in the new line, with darker, more dramatic lips.

In addition to skins that I would wear shopping or around the house, LionSkins also offer skins specifically created for use on the runway. These run the gamut from toned-down elegance to wild, vibrant colors. Below on the right is Suzana – pale 54, a very soft look with subtle pink lips, but a splash of shimmery pastel blue and purple around the eyes. This is definitely a skin I would wear to a formal event, not just on the runway! Next to the 54 is the Suzana – pale 58, a very unique skin with streaks of red below the eyes and a dark line down the center of the lips. This skin screams runway to me, and is a welcome change from your everyday skin. Lastly, on the left, is Suzana – pale 83. This is the skin that blew my socks off when I saw it on Olyvia – a bold, exotic look with dark lips and dramatically curvaceous eyeliner. This is a skin suitable for either the runway or for use anywhere you want to be noticed!

In addition to the pale skins, Suzana also comes in fair, sunkissed, sun, dark, and freckles. It should also be noted that of the skins that I modeled, all are currently available in the store except for the pale 83, which is part of a huge upcoming release that Lion has planned. While there are no fatpacks available in the store, if you contact Olyvia or Lion before making your purchase, they can work out a deal for you on multiple skins.

Good skins are relatively hard to find, and I’m so glad that I came across LionSkins. This store will fill your skin needs both on the runway and off. So go take a look!


Hair: Leona by Novacaine (1st pic)

Ivy by TRUTH (2nd and 3rd pics)

Shoes: Pinup by Stiletto Moody