Hello everybody – yes you heard that, autumn has arrived and lots of new hot stuff has been released lately. Autumn is probably the best time of year for me because I can mix and match outfits – a mix of old and new. Like in RL, you mix old and new together to get a look – very few people would wear brand new stuff from top to toe – most of us like to mix favorite clothes with new ones. I am wearing outfits from great SL designer branches such as Bijou, Bianca Foulon and Baiastice to mention a few and these can be used for any occasion. Pictures were taken in Best of SL Boulevard, Aspire Isle and Trilogy Fashion Alley where you also will find a lots of good quality clothes, shoes and hair.

In the picture below, I am wearing hair called Kaori chocolate, from Exile or at Mimi´s choice as well. My jacket with sweater is Bickstreet from Bijou as a part of the whole set. The black leather belt is from Maitreya and my pants are called Boom Boom in wine/red color from Sweetest Goodbye. The gloves from LeeZu Baxter Designs are called Nif Nif gloves and the ever-so funky boots are called PW Succio but unfortunately the landmark isn’t available at the moment. The earrings are the glam earrings from Creamshop.

Outfit wearing in picture below:

Hair: Yasmin in nuts from Maitreya

Coat: Cappa black from Bianca Foulon

Boots: Unisex classic moccas -red from Armidi

Umbrella : Part of photography

Outfit wearing in picture below:

Hair: Fayette brown from Damselfly Hairsalon

Earrings:MODEA Hyper gems formal earrings from JCNY

Dress:Daydream in olive from Bijou

Bag: Synergie – part of a whole set from Baiastice

Boots: J´s Loosefit boots/brown from J´s shoes

Gloves: Nif Nif gloves in green from LBD