Minnu is taking us on a journey around the world with her latest generation of skins. Moscow, New York, Paris, Roma, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Johannesburg and Tokyo. That’s quite a journey! Upon landing, you will find yourself in a courtyard. To the west is Cachet and to the east is Minnu’s hair shop. To the north, behind the Space Elephant statue, you will find Minnu’s skins. As you enter the store, you can find the men’s skins on your left, and the women’s on your right. Don’t forget to grab a new pair of eyes and lashes while you’re there too, and you can also get her last line of skins, Zero, upstairs. Each of these new skins has it’s own unique face. I chose to travel to New York, Helsinki, Paris and Roma.

I did a thorough examination of the skins I was given. They look perfect. Not a seam to be found. And I know how to inspect some skin, let me tell you! I get so excited by things that most probably don’t even pay attention to! Like the ankles…OMG this skin has lovely ankles! The backs and the sides of the ankles are just amazing! I also love the collar bone/neck area, even though Minnu has toned it down from her last set, Zero. In this full body picture, I chose to wear House of Nyla French Lace Blue Demi set, Miriel Realistic Eyes – Blue Opal, Detour Faded Lashes and ETD Luth – Black. The skin shown here is Helsinki pale 3b.

Helsinki is only available in Pale and Light. This skin has a soft spattering of freckles across the nose and cheeks, as well as the upper chest and back. Simple, muted shades of eyes and lips make this one a good choice for the more laid back and conventional personality. Helsinki comes with 3 eyebrow options: light, medium and dark. The skins are $1500L each, or $8000L for a fatpack. Included in the fatpack is a base make up, plus 7 shades with 3 different eyebrow options. Skins in photograph are pale 4b and light 6b, the jewelry JCNY Charmed Life and the hair is ETD Melinda – Black.

Roma comes in four skin tones which are fair, pale, light and sun kissed. I feel that Roma has a more sophisticated, mature look, but also keeping the sexy undertones that Minnu‘s skins are known for. Maybe M.I.L.F. like? Hehehe… The Roma skins are $1400L each and $7200L for the fatpack. Again, you get a base make up, plus 7 shades. This skin is a little less expensive because it only has 2 eyebrow options, instead of the standard three that the others come with. I am sharing with you fair 7a, pale 7a and light 4a. The jewelry is JCNY Charmed Life and the hair is ETD Melinda – Black.

Paris comes in a couple more skin tones. Fair, pale, light, sun kissed, sun tan and tan are your choices here. The Paris skins are full of funky and bold looks, and even an innocent, almost childlike look. I really love the fact that Minnu keeps to the tried and true method…if the eyes are funky, keep the lips subtle. If you are playing up the lips, tone down the eyes. In my opinion, this always makes for such a perfect balance. Paris skins are available for $1500L each, or $8000L for the fatpack, and you get the base, seven make ups, and 3 brow color options. I have featured here fair 1b, pale 6b and light 4b. The jewelry is JCNY Charmed Life and the hair is ETD Melinda – Black.

My last stop, New York, and it comes in fair, pale, light, sun kissed, sun tan and tan. I think that you can find a variety of style with this skin. These looks are perfect for a day at the office, a stroll through Central Park or even a strut down the runway! At $1500L each, or $8000L for the fatpack, you will get the same bargain as most of the other skins, which is a base skin plus 7 shades of make up with 3 brow options. These skins are fair 6b, pale 7b and light 4b. The jewelry is JCNY Charmed Life and the hair is ETD Melinda – Black.

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