In order to take the all the photos for the posts we do here, we use many poses.  In fact, poses are used extensively by models and photographers, and often, little is said about them.  I am always on the lookout for interesting poses for both runway and photo work.  The other day I happened to come across ChereeMotion, which turned out to have a nice collection of poses for photo work.  Cheree Bury has developed a number of interesting pinup poses and offers then individually or in groups.  Since many of us are so dependent on poses, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate an occasional post to them when I find some different ones.

The poses are sorted into categories, each containing about 40 poses.  Being a fan of vintage fashion, I was first attracted to the Classic Pinup Poses.  Below you can see a small selection of them. Each group has a mix of stands, sits, lays, and kneels for good variety.  Many of the classic poses are recognizable from the pinup posters of the war era.  For anyone who wants to try their hand at reproducing this form, this set of Classic Pinup Poses would be a good start.

Of course, the pinup posters didn’t vanish after that era, they evolved through the years.  While the classic poses tended to be more posed, a bit unnatural, as time progressed they became more realistic and natural.  In some cases more suggestive as well.  The Modern Pinup Pose set is geared more on these lines.  For those photos that you want to look like just a moment in time, or those that are intended to express sex appeal, this would be the set to look at.  Like the classic set, there is a good mix of all the basic classifications.

Now you may think the classic and modern is the end of the line.  But that’s not the case at all.  Cheree Bury has more than that.  Below are a few samples from a set she calls Ultra Pinup Poses.  To a large extent, these are very over the top poses meant to leave no doubt of the suggestion or to emphasize a specific part of the body.  For example, the pose on the left with legs in the air is typical of those seen in ads for pantyhose and stockings.

There is yet another collection called Magna Pinup Poses.  These are by and large more elegant poses.  The kind used to display fashion as in catalogues, but still manages to include a nice mix of stands, sits, lays, and kneels as the other sets.  Altogether these total 160 poses with an amazing variety.  The poses can also be purchased in groups sorted by categories of stands, sits, etc.   A few couples poses are also available as well as a set of 20 for guys.  For anyone needing their own poses, whether being a photographer, model, blogger or just anyone who likes to take pictures, ChereeMotion would be a good place to visit.

For anyone that works with posed AV’s in Second Life, you know the problems associated with the bending of the body and limbs.  It’s important to note that although Photo Shop was used to make the composite images seen here, none of the posed AV’s were edited in anyway.  The swimsuit seen is a classic one piece from Mako Magellan.  The hair is Diversity Hair’s Reica in blackplum.  Pink pearl jewelry is available at Earthstones and the shoes are Leather Vixen pumps in candy from Tesla.