It’s a great week for lovers of Angel Dessous lingerie. If you’re not yet an avid Angel fan, now is the time to take a trip to the nearest Angel Dessous store to pick up some of the most realistic looking lingerie in Second Life (R). Nando Korobase and his partner Gina Beaumont, the owners and creaters of the Angel Dessous brand, are releasing their new line of lingerie, Belvedere, this week. I’ve been lucky enough to talk to Nando about this line, as well as try it out for myself.


His excitement for the coming release was contagious. “I hope and feel it’s the best lingerie I have ever made. I am so excited about the whole line,” he told me. I’m going to agree with Nando on this one. The Belvedere line is amazing. It is definitely some of his best work. With four different sets in five different colors it’s got something to fit nearly every look while never losing its amazingly sexy feel. You can go bold with the Flirty set or give your night-time look a softer feel with the Negligee. Maybe you’d like to go a bit more sultry with the Belvedere self-titled set. On the other hand, there is the Elegance set that offers you exactly that, an elegant look for your bedroom wear.

Angel Dessous has created a lingerie dynasty in just over a year. The Belvedere is one more testament to the quality and realistic feel of each and every piece Nando and Gina release. Nando recently said of his lingerie, “Our main theme, what we have based all our designs around, is realistic lingerie with perfect quality. I work hard to make sure that our items have no faults.” It’s the theme they began creating lingerie with and one they don’t plan to change anytime soon.


Visit one of their main stores today and be one of the first to own lingerie from the new Belvedere line.

All photography done by Tillie Ariantho.