I’ve got to be one of the luckiest bloggers on the team. I focus on the designers that sponsor our events. Not only do I get to interact with some of the best designers in SL, I also get to learn what makes them tick. I love finding out why they design what they do and how hard they work to make sure their creations are perfect for us shopaholic residents in Second Life (TM).

My most recent excitement comes from the designers that were featured or were sponsors at our recent Halloween runway show. Of course, you’ll hear all about the show, but that’s another blog. I get to tell you all about the designers!

Black Arts was one of the designers featured on the runway. Chimera666 Graves, the creator and designer of the Black Arts clothing line, is definitely born to design in SL. She considers herself an artist and loves that SL offers her the ability to create and share the things she creates. She began designing a year and a half ago and has spent that time finding inspiration in the music she hears, the environment around her, and her own personal moods. Because of this she has an array of styles. Some are dark and moody, others flirty and sensual. The one common tie is that they are all goth inspired. She’s has used other things to inspire these goth creations as well. You can see peeks of domination, submission, vampirism, baby dolls, and many other different styles in her creations. You can see her amazing designs for yourself at Black Art’s main store.

Blue Blood was another of the designers that graced out spooky runway. About a year ago Ghanima Uriza began designing medieval fashion, but has ended up morphing her creations into a more gothic style. She designs according to her moods and her real life preferences. So, when she feels like latex she designs latex; thus, her designs go through stages. She’s found a way to bring her love of fashion design to SL and has created amazing outfits for both men and women. Her pieces are sultry and sensual, without being overtly sexual. Her creations are varied and unique, while still retaining that dark, dangerous edge that makes them so exciting. Take a look for yourself at Blue Blood’s creations.

For those members of the ~*EWING EVENTS VIP GUEST LIST*~ group we were all excited to receive a treat from our goodybag sponsor Zullay Designs by Zullay Thor. Zullay Designs is a fairly new addition to the Second Life (TM) fashion scene. Yet, you’d never know it. Her designs are gorgeous. She creates quality clothing and is also beginning to bring skins to the market. She creates pieces for many occasions, including a fantasy line of skins and clothing. Her love for the fantasy has inspired an ethereal feel in all her items. Hers is a must for any SL closet. View the Zullay collection at the main store.