The designer in this week’s spotlight is brand spanking new! Albros Breda just launched her jewelry line, Cihuae!, in the Mayfair, London sim.  Albros is a recent graduate of the Master Jeweler’s Certification (MJC) course, a part of the Technical User interfacing Neophytes (TUi NEO) program. She started designing in Second Life (TM) after joining the MJC program and was inspired to develop her own line out of curiosity. Albros and her designs are Second Life (TM) reflections of the real life designer. I sat down with Albros to discuss her experience as a new designer in Second Life (TM).

Cihuae! Storefront in Mayfair, London

Cihuae! Storefront in Mayfair, London

Christiana: How long have you been in Second Life (TM), and when/how did your business begin?
Albros: I have been in Second Life (TM) a little over 7 months now, but I could honestly say that my business is just starting.

Christiana: Did you have any real life design skills or did you learn inworld?
Albros: Only some knowledge on graphic design as I used to work for magazines.

Christiana: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?
Albros: I admire the work of my mentor, Izira Kirkorian, and her support is most encouraging.

Christiana: Explain your brand name.
Albros: The name of the store is “Cihuae!” It’s an Aztec word that means “Hey girl!”

Christiana: Very cool name! What are five words to describe the brand values of your line?
Albros: Quality, sophistication, glamour, timeless, gorgeous…

Christiana: Who do you think buys your items?
Albros: I see my jewelry sets and designs bought by women that like to catch people’s attention with a classy, timeless style…. my designs will be good for them to look good any time of the day… every day of the week.

Christiana: How does your line interact with real life fashion trends?
Albros: I think that just like people in real life, most of us in Second Life (TM) want to show that we take pride in our appearance, however we prefer it to be… from nice and simple to sophisticated and glamorous, and yes… trying to keep it contemporary to the fashion outside. I like to think that I have done a good job making my avatar look quite like me, and my real life fashion sense is reflected in my line.

Christiana: What are your suggestions for those shopping on a budget? Where should they save, and where should they splurge?
Albros: My best advice is sticking to high quality items from designers that take pride in their work. Not necessarily buying low cost items to accumulate, but to spend well on better quality items… clothes or accessories you would treasure forever in Second Life (TM) as they will never wear out.

Christiana: What has the experience of opening your first Second Life (TM) business been like? What have you learned?
Albros: It has been an experience I didn’t think I was going to go through before. It has been really rewarding, I have had my friends with me and this is very valuable.

Be sure to stop by for this gift!

Be sure to stop by for this gift and more!

Christiana: Where do you see yourself headed in terms of business and design?
Albros: I want to diversify my work, try my hand at making and designing more than jewelry.

I encourage each of you to visit Cihuae! The grand opening celebration is this October 18th – 25th. Stop by to pick up some of her L$1 gifts and a glass of complimentary champagne. Her detailed and sophisticated designs add a sparkle of elegance to your casual looks. Thanks, Albros!