[KA] has long been one of my favorite stops for skins – superb quality and attention to detail are hallmarks of Kira Ahn’s work. Little did I know, however, that these standards apply not only to her skin collection, but also to her fashion line. I got to sample some of Kira’s new fall designs, and I must say, [KA]’s latest pieces are absolute must-haves for every fashionista’s autumn wardrobe.

The first pieces that caught my eye in Kira’s newest line were two coats of drastically different styles. The Nomis jacket, top left, is a warm and cozy pea coat of the softest red wool. Nomis is made up of prim cuffs, shoulder detailing, collar, and a prim skirt/belt. In addition to red, Nomis also comes in blue, purple, mud, and black. This is definitely a fabulous coat for the chilly months ahead! Next to Nomis you’ll see the Nedo jacket. This jacket is one of my favorites I’ve seen this season. It has a looser feel than the sleek Nomis, with a flaired shape that will flatter any figure. The herringbone texture that Nedo uses adds a sophistication to the design that makes it just perfect for any occasion, from business to pleasure. Nedo comes in gray (as modeled), red, black, plum, and lila (pink). I’m inclined to pick up one of each color!

Besides the coats, I also got to model a pair of dresses. These dresses are representative of Kira’s mastery of textures. On the left is the Visor dress, a sexy sheath-dress that hugs all the right curves! The shiny color and intricate cinching of the dress made this a real standout as I was browsing the store. The Visor dress would make a perfect outfit for that holiday party, as it comes in an array of festive colors including green (modeled), red, purple, and black. The dress on the right is the Paso dress, which is one of two limited edition dresses in the new [KA] collection. This gorgeous dress is fun and sparkly, sure to elicit some positive attention for the wearer! A strapless bodice and flared skirt with alternating strips of silver sparkles makes this piece practically scream GODDESS. But all you fashion goddesses better hurry, because this limited edition won’t be around for long!

Needless to say, my trips to [KA] will no longer just include a skin splurge. Thanks to Kira’s newest collection, I have a feeling I’m going to be decked out in [KA] skins AND [KA] fashion! Congratulations, Kira, on a fabulous fall collection!


Hair – Amy, by Maitreya

Necklace – Bounded Elegance choker by (Miriel)

Shoes – d’Orsay by Stiletto Moody