Many of us in Second Life spend a lot of time and money on the appearance of our avatars.  We do this for many reasons ranging from professional reasons such as modeling to just plain vanity.  But for whatever reason, there is no denying that an entire industry thrives on our desires to look beautiful and handsome.  Second Life residents can choose from a large variety of shapes, skins and hair in search of their ideal body and looks.  One less talked about piece of this puzzle, but very important to consider for close up views is the eyes.  The selection of eyes can dramatically impact the effect that an overall avatar look can have.  With the wide variety of avatars available to us, including human, semi human, animal and totally fantastical, it is important to have a wide selection of eyes.  Recently I was alerted to some new releases in this area of avatar design from A. D. Studios.

Two lines of eyes have been released, called Monochrome and Dualtone.  Both lines include a number of natural colors as well as unnatural ones.  Below is a small sample from the Dualtone series.  Shown are avacado 3, dusk 2, frosting 3.

Next is a sampling from the Monochrome series.  These are finch 2, vermilion 1, sky 2.

These samples demonstrate a number of choices in both natural and unnatural colors.  All the eyes have a realistic texturing and an apparent glint of light for to produce some expression.  Looking closely you can see the main difference between the series.  The Monochrome series uses a gradation of a single color for the iris, whereas the Dualtone’s iris has a rim of a different color that blends into the primary.


Both series have a wide range of colors, including blues, browns, greens, ambers, yellows, reds, and more.  Each color in both series is available in four shades.  Next the full set of steel from the Dualtone series is presented as an example of the range of shades for each color.

The full range of choices for color and shade is quite large for both series of eyes.  Each has eight natural and eight unnatural colors, all available in four shades each.  This results in a total of 64 different eyes for each, or an overall total of 128 variations.  With the wide selection available, A. D. Studios would be a good place to investigate when looking to put that finishing touch on your avatar, no matter what species you have chosen to be.

Also seen in the photos is Berri 2 Hair from Truth and Cross Your Heart earrings from Miriel.