November 2008

This summer Ann Otoole surprised me already with some fancy Mary Janes.  And now she did it again.  I received the newly released *UN* Pretty-n-Punk Mary Janes, Dolly Goth Chunky Pump Sculpty Shoes in Gold with diamonds, spikes, and studs.

What to say about them… first of all they have killer heels to make you walk with just the right wiggle. They are made in shining gold and they show an amazing prim work, from the diamonds to the sexy strap around the ankles.  With December on the way, they are just what you need to make a boring Xmas dinner scintillating or to make you shine and stand out at a glamorous party.  Only a little warning, be careful to wax your legs, do some extra exercise and buy the most shining, smooth sheers you can find, because all eyes will be focused at your feet and ankles!  If I only had known that this is punk…

EFA - Unique Needs

Unique Needs – *UN* Pretty-n-Punk Mary Janes – 250 LD


Need some jewelry to combine with these fabulous shoes?  This week Ann Otoole released a new jewelry line, Diamond Love.

EFA - Unique Needs - ringEFA - Unique Needs - braceletsEFA - Unique Needs - necklace

This is a pretty set consisting of a bellychain, necklace, choker, earrings, bracelets and rings in gold heart chain links with heart diamonds. You can buy the entire set for a discount or buy the items seperately. Includes a normal and full bright version of each.

Start shopping now and satisfy your Unique Needs!

Want to start the new year with a new SL career?  Have you been thinking about training for the exciting world of fashion modeling?  Do you wonder what it takes to become a successful model in Second Life?  Here’s your chance to be trained by some of the best models in Second Life.

The instructors of the Ewing Elite Model Training Program are please to announce the start of its next session on Monday, December 8, 2008.  Three class sessions will be offered at 4:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM SL, enrollment permitting, running from December 8 through December 21, 2008.  Classes will consist of three sessions per week meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus at least two runway workshops per week.  The cost for the course is $L10,000.  EFA’s titled models Ella Quinsette and ZoeAnastasia Aeon will be instructing classes this month.  All serious aspiring models, male and female are invited to interview.  Please contact EFA Model Trainers Ella Quinsette or ZoeAnastasia Aeon if you wish to be considered.  Also, please submit a short bio about yourself and your interests.

Interviews will be conducted on Wednesday, December 3, 2008, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM SL and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM SL or by appointment.  Each interview lasts for thirty minutes.  If invited to interview, you will be given a location and be expected to dress professionally and appropriately for the world of fashion modeling.  After all interviews are finished, successful applicants will be notified and invited to register for classes.  More information on the training course can be found at the EFA website.  For further information and to stay updated on possible changes, please visit the EFA Fashion Blog regularly and join the ~*EWING TRAINING WAITING LIST*~ group. 

Ewing Elite Model Training has produced highly successful models including Miss Virtual World 2009 contestants Aleida Rhodes, Tiffany Dragonash and ZoeAnastasia Aeon as well as the August 2008 JCNY Model’Fest Winner, Ella Quinsette, and many others.  We look forward to seeing you at the interview and wish you the best in realizing your potential as a fashion model.

Normally this is where I type something thought provoking about *FDL*’s fall collection, however, words can’t do justice by the video that the designer, Sanders Beaumont, created for his newest designs.  It’s simply breathtaking!  You can purchase the beautifully crafted clothing highlighted in the video at *FDL* & Wardrobe Outfitters.  Without further adieu…..

This Friday, Novemeber 28th at 12 PM SLT, the Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to present the “Hot as Ice Holiday Lingerie Revue” fashion show, featuring the designs of Blacklace, Angel DessousInsolence and Zhao Shoes.  The latest sexy and alluring items from three of Second Life’s finest lingerie designers will be on diaplay, along with shoes by Zhao.  Ladies, this is your chance to find some new things to warm up those cold winter nights.  And you gents have the opportunity to accompany your ladies to learn what they like.  Lingerie does actually make a great holiday gift, as long as you get her something she likes.




 The show will be held at EFA’s poolside runway.  All are invited to come enjoy the sights and sounds of the lingerie clad models strutting to the music provided by the incomparable DJ Aris Earnshaw.  The featured designers are known for their excellent work in producing some of the best and most popular lingerie and shoes in Second Life.  This show is sure to offer up some hot ideas for the coming holiday season, so don’t miss it.

On Sunday, November 23rd, Ewing Fashion Agency held a graduation show for the Elite Model Training Classes.  This was a very successful month with three students graduating, Nezsy Herstein, Elahna Dyrssen and ToxicNymph Wyszniak.  Also joining them on the runway were former graduates Evanesence Blaisdale and Jennaa Loire. Some of you may recall Evanesence couldn’t participate in her own graduation show due to RL commitments so we were glad to off her this opportunity.

The students and past graduates one by one graced the runway perfectly and managed to show a wide range of designers work in their own individual sytles of casual, swimwear, smart business, lingerie, and formal.  At Ewing Elite Model Training the models are asked to use their own clothes to showcase their personality and style through their choices of clothing.  The show went very smoothly and swiftly ending with a huge applause from the audience.  Following the finale, each of the new graduates were welcomed back onto the runway for the last time to receive official congratulations and their certificate from the agency.  EFA titled model Aleida Rhode had the great pleasure of presenting the graduates with their certificates.  The models and staff then joined the assembled crowd where they received more praise and well wishes. 

 November Graduates 2008


Hello you Fashionistas! I’m Vixie Rayna, the new kid on the block here at Ewing Fashion Agency. /me waves to the world. Each week I’ll be sharing style tips and tricks of the modeling trade. Stick with me, we’re going to have some fun with fashion!

Style is all about finding your inspiration. It could be from magazines, art, nature, friends, or even the SL® fashion planet feed. Creating your own personal look should be about what inspires you. Most of our inventories are stuffed to the max with many things in boxes we’ve never even opened. My style tip of the week is a challenge to find inspiration in your closet. Are you up for it?

Head home, and hop on a pose stand. Next open up that inventory and type in something random like your current mood. I typed in “cosy”, and a lovely little chenille sweater from Pig was just sitting in my closet. The knit texture begs to be touched and its one of those perfect shirts (it comes on ALL layers).  I needed a coat and the new military one from Aoharu was a perfect with its amazing fur trimmed hood. Jeans scream out cosy and comfortable, so I found my go-to skinny jeans. The Dune boots from Maitreya are a staple in my closet. Hair, skin and accessories are usually the last items I style. Its as if one thing leads to another and presto, you’re inspiration is now personified in your own style.

Each week, I’ll find a style tip for you and share here on the Ewing Fashion Agency blog.

Remember that fashion is FUN!

Love, Vixie
Model/Photographer: Vixie Rayna
Hair – Truth – Rachel in Raven (With Patten/Color Change Headband)
Skin – MMS – Helsinki Light Makeup5
Lashes – MMS – Photoshoot II
Eyes – MMS Deep Blue
Sweater – Pig – Cosy Chenille in Spring Green
Jeans – lki – Skinny Jenas in Indigo for boots
Boots – Maitreya – Dune in Olive
Coat – Aoharu – Military in Khaki with Knit Sleeve
Necklace – Yummy – Nautical Charm
Bag – Coucou – Black Dream

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