A couple of weeks ago I posted on some new releases from Insolence, one of Second Life’s premiere upscale lingerie stores.  Now Camilla Yosuke has produced yet another new set, the Barbara.  The interesting thing about this new one is that she utilized a recently available new type of sculpted prim.  Unfortunately, these new types of sculpted prims will only rez correctly in viewer versions 1.21 or newer.  This means that you will need to use the latest release of Second Life or the current RC viewer to see these parts as they are intended.  The good news however, is that these parts are not necessary to use the lingerie.  In fact you won’t be using the prim parts when wearing the set under other clothes anyway.  Also, the clothing layer portions are made with the same excellent quality texturing that we have come to expect from Insolence lingerie.


The set also offers a nice variety of styles and is available in a range of colors.  In the picture above you can see the triangle bra and high waist panty paired in wine.  The prim frills edging the bra neckline and the panty waistband as well as some of the bows can be seen.  On the right is the back view of the shelf corset paired with the bikini panty in teal.  The back frills and bow on the panty and back bow on the corset are visible.  As with all Insolence sets, the bra, corset and both panties come in multiple layers.  The lace top stockings seen are included in the sets.

Below are close up views of selected areas of the Barbara set to illustrate the detail of both the sculpted prims and fine lace texture.  The triangle bra and bikini panty in chocolate are on the left.  The back view of the bra and high waist panty in black is on the right.  Each panty style has frills around the entire waistband and three bows, one on each side as well as one in the back.  The bra has frills along the neckline with a front and back bow.  The shelf corset has the frill along the bust line and a front and back bow.  In addition to the colors seen here, this set can also be purchased in purple and white.


Camilla indicated that this new type of sculpted prim finally makes it possible to make adornments such as these that she has wanted to do for so long.  I like how prim parts take lingerie from the flat two dimensional look when they are made from only clothing layer textures to a true three dimensional look.  Lingerie becomes much more enticing when it has this greater level of detail.  If these new sculpted prims are an indication of what Camilla can now do, I look forward to what she will offer in future releases.

The hair seen in the pictures is Diversity Hair Reica in Charred Black.