Saturday 8th November at 11am SLT was the RUNWAY Best of Couture Fall Revue 2008 featuring couture designs from twenty of Second Life’s top fashion designer stores.  The lucky models getting to showcase these gorgeous couture outfits were the twenty Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalists and twenty RUNWAY models.  The twenty fashion designers of tonight’s event were  Bliss Couture by Amutey DeCuir, Beauty Design and Fashion by Katlaya Greggan, Bolero Collection by Amanda Bolero, Brenda Clellon Designs by Brenda Clellon, EROS by Keth Mommsen, Frozen Turquoise Valentine by Valenttino Carfogno, Jador Fashions by Ziamela Loon, Lady Thera by Thera Taurog, Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa, Lapointe and BastChild by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus, LeeZu Baxter Designs by LeeZu Baxter, Orage Creations by Elettra Gausman, The Niven Collection by Scarlett Niven, NM Haute, Couture by Nuno McCullough, Serene Sensations by Soraya Blanchere, Simone! By Simone Stern, Styles of edo by Mami Jewel, VictoriaV Fashion by VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan and finally Zullay Designs by Zullay Thor.  I’m sure you will agree that’s a very impressive selection of designers to showcase.  Each designer showcased two of their best couture lines with two models walking out in synch, one Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalist and one RUNWAY model.  The choreography was superb.  Maggie Mahoney did a fantastic job at hosting the show, giving great details about what each of the models was wearing.  The runway was breathtaking, all in luxurious purple, silver and white with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. All of the seating for the audience was also colour co-ordinated.  I am sure you will agree when you see from the pictures that it was truly breathtaking and so fitting for such a wonderful event.  Unfortunately due to crashing some of the pictures were taken backstage as I missed them on the runway but I tried to get pictures of as many as I could.  With friends and colleagues in this event it was a one I couldn’t miss.

Sadly Arabella Graves Miss USA couldn’t make the show so RUNWAY model and Ewing Elite Model Training Graduate Abandoon Nacht stepped in and did a fantastic job in her place. All of the models performed beautifully and the couture designs were amazing. I’m now sobbing looking at my empty purse but it was well worth it. Each and every gown was so well crafted and of the highest quality with gorgeous textures.

The nineteen Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalists are Chalice Carling – MISS AUSTRALIA, Sally Yachvilie – MISS BRAZIL, Alexa Trefoil – MISS CANADA, Maxie Daviau – MISS COSTA RICA, Lacey Alderson – MISS CZECH REPUBLIC, Aleida Rhode – MISS DENMARK, Candi Dreamscape – MISS EGYPT, Tiffany Dragonash – MISS FINLAND, EmmZ Tzara – MISS FRANCE, ZoeAnastasia Aeon – MISS GREECE, Patking Miles – MISS HOLLAND, RhiannaLynn Lane MISS IRELAND, Mimmi Boa – MISS ITALY, Haruka Kish – MISS JAPAN, Isis Seville – MISS SPAIN, Kate Stockholm – MISS SWEDEN, Dahni Ella – MISS TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, Barbarella Fuosing – MISS UNITED KINGDOM, Kyrinnia Desmoulins – MISS VENEZUELA.

The twenty one RUNWAY models were Payton Heron, Cayce Newell, nemi McCoy, Laura18 Streeter, Poptart Lilliehook, Vera Canning, Menja Slade, SerinaJane Loon, Isabel Brocco, HarMonica Aabye,  Summer Deadlight, Kryptonia Paperdoll, Cherie Parker, Sharron Schuman, Anessa Stine, Mavi Beck,  Krystanna Wycliffe, Olyvia Zenovka, Alianna Logan, Aealla Illyar and Abandoon Nacht.

Well done to everyone involved in the event on stage and behind the scenes it really was an amazing production and Congratulations again to the twenty Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalists.  I can’t wait for the next instalment.