Swanilda Gown and Akoya Pearls

Last week I had the distinct opportunity to interview both Mami Jewell and edo Tone of Styles of edo.  Collectively they have released two stunning creations, the Swanilda Gown by Mami and the Akaya Pearls by edo.  The release date for both was November 8, 2008.  As we know both of these designers are centered towards bringing to our second life fashion experience, a true taste of excellence.
The beautiful Swanilda Gown was inspired by the ballet Copellia, which was written over 200 years ago.  Copellia is a life like doll and Swanilda is a young woman.  Mami had originally designed the Copellia Dress, which is a shorter version of the long and flowing Swanilda.
The Akoya Pearls, were an inspiration to edo, by him admiring these old pearls and learning the history of them.  It was then his desire to reproduce these exquisite pearls for our use in second life.  Reproduce he has done in life like sense. 
I will run a brief history of each design, just prior to the pictures.


Coppelia is an adaptation of “The Sandman,” a story written by the German Romanticist, E.T.A. Hoffman, almost 200 years ago. The ballet, with music by Leo Delibes, first performed over 100 years ago in Paris, was choreographed by Arthur Saint-Leon, ballet master of the Paris Opera at the time.


To quote from one description, this humorous story takes place in the storybook village of Olympia in Southern Poland. It’s about a clever young girl named Swanilda, her silly boyfriend (Franz), a beautiful mechanical doll (Coppelia), and a funny old toymaker (Dr. Coppelius), who dreams of making a doll who would come to life.



Swanilda Front in Lavender



This beautiful gown has the high quality sheen of satin.  The bottom is in battenburg lace.  The shawl accents the gown tastefully and adds an element of romance and femininity.  Movement of the gown is fluid and moves harmonically along with the walk of the woman.  Dancing in the gown makes it come even more alive, all the while keeping it’s integrity as a gown.  The lovely 3/4 length gloves come with each grown to help accent it’s regal effect.  In the back on the right hand side is the flowing ends of the shawl which move gracefully and gives a very soft and feminine look. These are also done in the battenburg lance.  Above all I fell in love with this dress.  It is a beautifully textured gown with a high sense of class.



Swanilda Back in Red

 Swanilda also comes in Black and Turquoise.





Original Inspiration for Swanilda



Designed by
edo Tune
 The story of Akoya pearl cultivation is a fascinating one, the result of the hard work and creativity of several important individuals. But the story of Akoya pearls is especially associated with the life of one man: Kokichi Mikimoto. In the late 1800’s, Kokichi Mikimoto, a son of humble beginnings, began to experiment with pearl cultivation. Convinced he could farm pearls, Mikimoto worked for years — usually unsuccessfully — trying to coax pearls from oysters.
Then, in 1905, after 12 years of painstaking work and trial-and-error, he successfully produced his first totally round pearl. What had once been a gem reserved for the upper class and nobility, would now be available for all to own and cherish.
The Akoya Pearl that edo Tune has designed, is that of those produced over 100 years ago.  These antique pearls are aged and have a golden glow to them that sets them apart from other pearls.  To purchase a triple strand of these pearls today, would be in the million dollar range.  The opalescence glow is absolutely mesmerising and they definitely stand out from any other pearl that you will see. The craftsmanship is again held to the high quality that you would expect from Designs of edo.  edo designed and crafted these pearls for the women of second life to have a portion of the wonderful and beautiful.







In addition to the triple strand choker shown, they also come in a single strand, double strand and triple strand necklace.  The earrings also come in a pearl stud.

These amazingly life like pearls are a must have and are priced reasonably for the quality and craftsmanship exemplified here.