:: Genesis :: Eternia Engagement Band

 When I was first asked to write for the blog, I thought I would tackle one of the issues I had the hardest time with in fashion – finding the right accessories – mainly jewelry. I first stumbled upon Ryker Beck on Flickr. Ryker’s photographs quickly stood out in both their quality and creativity. I’m always on the lookout for nice pieces of jewelry, so when I found out she had a jewelry store, called :: Genesis :: , I promptly tped over. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed…I got that giddy feeling we all get when we’ve hit paydirt. The first thing that struck me was that the quality workmanship and attention to detail she instills in her photographs, reflected in her jewelry making abilities as well. The second thing that struck me, other than how reasonable the prices were, was the variety – from casual to formal. I’ll be highlting a few of her items:

First off, Genesis has a NEW release this week….the Eternia Engagement Band. Its not only an engagement band, but has the wedding band as well. Two for one! It has a nifty script in it where you touch anywhere on the ring and a menu will appear. During the engagment, just choose “Hide Band.” After the weddding, you can choose “Show Band” to display the wedding band.



:: Genesis :: Southsea Choker & Bailey Pearl Earrings



Next we have the Southsea Choker and Bailey Pearl Earrings.  With the Southsea Choker you get 4 different color choices;  B/W/S, B/W/G, W/W/S, W/W/G.  I’m wearing the Black, White, Silver Version.  The Bailey Pearl Earrings come in 10 different colors, including white pearl, cultured pearl, black pearl, wooden pearl, onyx pearl in dangle and stud versions.  I’m wearing the black pearl to match the Southsea Choker.






:: Genesis :: The Prathivi Set

Finally, we have the Prathivi Set, which consists of earrings, necklace and right & left bracelets. In keeping with the spirit that natural elements are healers and soothers, this set goes beautifully with both casual and evening attire.

You can see more jewerly by Ryker Beck at her store, :: Genesis :: here.  For Fashion, Tutorials and Art, you can check out Ryker Beck’s blog at:  http://www.rykerbeck.com/