On Sunday, November 23rd, Ewing Fashion Agency held a graduation show for the Elite Model Training Classes.  This was a very successful month with three students graduating, Nezsy Herstein, Elahna Dyrssen and ToxicNymph Wyszniak.  Also joining them on the runway were former graduates Evanesence Blaisdale and Jennaa Loire. Some of you may recall Evanesence couldn’t participate in her own graduation show due to RL commitments so we were glad to off her this opportunity.

The students and past graduates one by one graced the runway perfectly and managed to show a wide range of designers work in their own individual sytles of casual, swimwear, smart business, lingerie, and formal.  At Ewing Elite Model Training the models are asked to use their own clothes to showcase their personality and style through their choices of clothing.  The show went very smoothly and swiftly ending with a huge applause from the audience.  Following the finale, each of the new graduates were welcomed back onto the runway for the last time to receive official congratulations and their certificate from the agency.  EFA titled model Aleida Rhode had the great pleasure of presenting the graduates with their certificates.  The models and staff then joined the assembled crowd where they received more praise and well wishes. 

 November Graduates 2008

Everyone at Ewing Fashion Agency wishes these individuals every success as they continue their pursuits in this very competitive industry.  Being fully qualified, we feel that these models are more than capable of competing and excelling at every challenge they partake in.  We all look forward to watching how the latest graduates continue to grow with each experience and opportunity seized. Congratulations and Good luck!  We also wish to thank Evanesence Blaisdale and Jennaa Loire for returning and taking part in the show, we hope you had as great a time as we did working with you again.  Thank you.

If you are interested in joining the Ewing Elite Model Training Programme for the December classes please keep checking the blog and also join the Ewing Training Waiting List group.  All the upcoming details willbe posted in both.