Hello you Fashionistas! I’m Vixie Rayna, the new kid on the block here at Ewing Fashion Agency. /me waves to the world. Each week I’ll be sharing style tips and tricks of the modeling trade. Stick with me, we’re going to have some fun with fashion!

Style is all about finding your inspiration. It could be from magazines, art, nature, friends, or even the SL® fashion planet feed. Creating your own personal look should be about what inspires you. Most of our inventories are stuffed to the max with many things in boxes we’ve never even opened. My style tip of the week is a challenge to find inspiration in your closet. Are you up for it?

Head home, and hop on a pose stand. Next open up that inventory and type in something random like your current mood. I typed in “cosy”, and a lovely little chenille sweater from Pig was just sitting in my closet. The knit texture begs to be touched and its one of those perfect shirts (it comes on ALL layers).  I needed a coat and the new military one from Aoharu was a perfect with its amazing fur trimmed hood. Jeans scream out cosy and comfortable, so I found my go-to skinny jeans. The Dune boots from Maitreya are a staple in my closet. Hair, skin and accessories are usually the last items I style. Its as if one thing leads to another and presto, you’re inspiration is now personified in your own style.

Each week, I’ll find a style tip for you and share here on the Ewing Fashion Agency blog.

Remember that fashion is FUN!

Love, Vixie
Model/Photographer: Vixie Rayna
Hair – Truth – Rachel in Raven (With Patten/Color Change Headband)
Skin – MMS – Helsinki Light Makeup5
Lashes – MMS – Photoshoot II
Eyes – MMS Deep Blue
Sweater – Pig – Cosy Chenille in Spring Green
Jeans – lki – Skinny Jenas in Indigo for boots
Boots – Maitreya – Dune in Olive
Coat – Aoharu – Military in Khaki with Knit Sleeve
Necklace – Yummy – Nautical Charm
Bag – Coucou – Black Dream