During one of the weeks in November, I was privileged to have been chosen as a runway model for JCNY’s Model Fest.  What a great experience it was.  During this time, the models that I met on the runway I found to be exceptional.  Everyone had a wide range of talents and abilities that they had put to work for themselves in Second Life.  One of the ladies that I met is named Bliss Beningborough, the owner/founder and designer of Bliss Beningborough Couture.


Bliss caught my eye on the runway, with some of the most beautiful and innovative gowns that she was wearing.  The quality was beautiful and the texture was flowing and smooth, with caring detail shown in each gown.  I am always on the look out for unique and quality driven lines of cloths.  So I happened to ask Bliss where she was purchasing her clothing and she happily told me that she is the designer and maker of most all that she wears.  I knew right then that I must check her line out more closely after the Model Fest and help promote her designs through this blog.  I know that we are all looking for the up and coming designers who have what it takes to become one of the leaders.  I feel that Bliss has this going and I can truly say that I love her cloths and how sexy and feminine I feel in them.  Thanks Bliss.

Bliss has currently opened three stores and I can tell you that I have visited each and there are always women in her shops searching for just the right outfit or gown for their needs.  Grab her cloths up while they are still so reasonably priced and before she hits the big time.  Because her talents are taking her to the top.


This is my second time to Second Life and this time I wanted to learn how to design.  I have spent a lot of time and money on the fashion here and thought designing something, I could pick up and put down at my convenience, would help to fit in with my Real Life, lifestyle.  I was determined to learn how to make my own  clothes so I have attended  as many classes as I can learning the ins and outs of designing in Second Life. The natural progression is to try to sell your creations. I love haute couture , the endless possibilities that are impossible in Real Life. I think texture is very important, I tend to find or make a texture first, that inspires me to create something with it.  I still have a lot to learn about designing but I am improving day by day and hope that people will like my designs enough to buy them.  I have opened shops at Phat Cat’s Jazz Club mall and also at Velvet and Evane.

The Beautiful Bliss Beningborough Modeling Her Own Clothing Line


Aria Noir


Bird of Paradise – Blue


Blue Bell – Olive


This Gown is Ultra Sexy With The Skirt Off




Leather Suit


Snake Skin Top

Matches well with leather suit pants


Silver Bead Bolero

The clothing shown all come in many different colors to suit your every desire.  Also these are just a few of the many beautiful designes by Bliss.  Shop her stores for exciting new trends and Christmas presents.