When it comes to haute couture and Second Life fashion a number of names come to mind.  It is a vibrant and continually evolving area of fashion, which retains its excitement through the efforts of many wonderful designers.  Haute couture is the fashion style that is responsible for attracting many to this industry, whether they are designers, models or photographers.  To me, this area of fashion is one of the most expressive for all involved.

This past June, I had the pleasure of showing MB-Design’s new summer line in a post on this blog.  Moanasyrene Boucher isn’t one to rest on her laurels and she’s recently been working on releases for her new winter line of haute couture dresses.  From what I’ve seen so far, these are exciting new designs that once again demonstrate Moanasyrene’s range and creativity.  Her use of colors and textures continue to excite, as I believe you’ll see in the several dresses shown today.

The first dress seen, on the left below, is Barocco in pink and orange.  This  is a beautiful lace dress with a full ankle length skirt.  The flower patterned lace of the skirt uses a color fade from pink to black producing a gorgeous contrast of colors.  The strapless bodice has one of Moanasyrene’s new features in this line, flexible prim frills over the bust.  Here, this accent is colored in an orange to black fade.  To make this dress even more haute couture, lace gloves with prim cuffs and a hat with lace veil are added.  And for completeness, there is even a pretty pink and black lace panty included.


 For the woman who wants to show off her curves, Pearl (above, right) may be just the thing.  This dress was just released this week and features a very deep V neckline trimmed in beautiful black lace.  The back of the bodice is open and the shoulder straps have flexible prim frills.  The hem of the variegated violet skirt is adorned with more black lace.  All the elements of this dress come together wonderfully to produce a very feminine look.