LE.LOOK!, 8ième arrondissement, December 14, 2008 – Today, ~Moonaco Porta~ and ~Sawyer Campese~ invite you to come visit a sim that will bring you nothing but fashion and style. This sim is a universe of its own, providing you with all your favorite designers and talented newcomers in one stylish place.
Who said you can’t have everything?


LE.LOOK! Under construction – As soon as you land at the center of our world, be sure to take notice to the impeccable detailing and quality of the Sim, built in a astounding four months by Sawyer Campese . The buildings were constructed with three thoughts in mind: Quality, Innovation and Creativity. Combining curves with modern industrial edges, this island is created to make your mind and eyes wonder.

LE.LOOK! Project – Behind the aesthetic of this sim, you will find that the owners of LE.LOOK! paid great attention to the designers selected. Following LE.LOOK! trademarks of Quality, Innovation and Creativity, Moonaco Porta and Sawyer Campese have been able to recruit a profound selection of amazing  LE.LOOK! Houses designers such as Nicky Ree, Zaara, LBD, Aitui, Nolabel, Koumb, Vista, MMS, Creamshop, Akeyo, Novocaine, Calypso Giano, Courtisane, MRM, DP*Serendipity, Beauty Avatar, Baiastice, Riviera Couture, Digit Darkes, Truth, Aoharu, Atomic Crush, Meriken Co., Insolence, Decoy, Zullaydesigns, Belleza, Zanzo, DEN-DOU, Find Ash, UncleWeb Studio, Damiani, Dskin, Mai, issigonis, Aden, Lion Skin, Milkmotion, Indyra Originals, Bax Cohen, Kookie, Yabusaka,  Dela, Fascino, House of Heart and others, giving you a wide variety of quality stores to choose from. Furthermore, some of this trendy group of designers are also offering exclusive items sold only at LE LOOK! Everything to have a wonderful shopping experience.


For additional information on LE.LOOK! , please contact Moonaco Porta or Sawyer Campese. Enclosed with this press release you will find a portfolio of pictures of the sim and the opening invitation.

ABOUT LE.LOOK! – Founded by Sawyer Campese and Moonaco Porta, in January 2008, LE.LOOK is about that distinct look of style that sets you apart and catches the eyes of others. LE.LOOK! helps people to look and feel good in SL by providing the BEST Second life has to offer for fashion, new releases, special sales, gifts and samples from some of the best designers in SL. LE.LOOK! owners genuinely *Love* fashion and want to share their love for it with Second life Residents.

Sawyer Campese