Tuesday, December 16th, 2008





It was a while back when I first met Mimi Juneau.  My partner and I were looking for mens clothing and ran into Mimi at her men’s store.  She was there and assisted us so patiently.  She then took us over to her women’s store, where she showed us all of her choices in clothing.  Her store is well layed out and is adorned by so many beautiful and well crafted desiger clothing from the finest designers in Second Life.

Mimi seems to be such a big part of her success.  She is there working along side of her models to not only tell you about each article of clothing, but she will also put it on and wear it for you, so that you can actually see how it looks when worn.  I have found this extremely helpful.  All of us have purchased different outfits and put them on, to find that they just don’t look like what the picture portrays.  So the helpfulness of displaying the clothing on herself is immensely helpful.  I believe that if Mimi is not in her store, you can but IM her and she will come as soon as she can to assist you with your purchases.  Also, there are always the models who will work with you as well.  Having a dedicated staff on hand at all times is such a wonderful accessory to a clothing store.


Part One:

Many avatars come to Ewing Fashion Agency to find out more about becoming a model. We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Sparrow on her second day in SL. She is hungry to learn more, and is struggling through the “newbie” phase.

Face it we’ve all been there. Do you remember buying your first purchase that was in a box? You probably wore it and struggled with how to open it. Sparrow is in her Second Life infancy, but knows she wants to find her own personal style beyond the freebie warehouse “fashion” scene.
Sparrow has agreed to take part in a project. One where we will help guide her personal quest for identity in SL.  Every few weeks, we will check back in with Sparrow and update you her on her progress.

Meet Sparrow: