It was a while back when I first met Mimi Juneau.  My partner and I were looking for mens clothing and ran into Mimi at her men’s store.  She was there and assisted us so patiently.  She then took us over to her women’s store, where she showed us all of her choices in clothing.  Her store is well layed out and is adorned by so many beautiful and well crafted desiger clothing from the finest designers in Second Life.

Mimi seems to be such a big part of her success.  She is there working along side of her models to not only tell you about each article of clothing, but she will also put it on and wear it for you, so that you can actually see how it looks when worn.  I have found this extremely helpful.  All of us have purchased different outfits and put them on, to find that they just don’t look like what the picture portrays.  So the helpfulness of displaying the clothing on herself is immensely helpful.  I believe that if Mimi is not in her store, you can but IM her and she will come as soon as she can to assist you with your purchases.  Also, there are always the models who will work with you as well.  Having a dedicated staff on hand at all times is such a wonderful accessory to a clothing store.

Not only does Mimi work tirelessly towards the success of her store and representing the designers whom she works with, but she is as dedicated to the happiness and success of all people.  When I am around her, it is always such a pleasure.  When you walk away from Mimi’s Choice, you feel as though you have made a true friend.  She is continually working with questions and answers in SL Magazine Readers Group.  Mimi is also one of the first to hand out something to another that will help.

Today in my blog you will see beautiful fashions from Jador, Unique Monsoon and SF Designs.  I am showing many more pictures than usual, because they are so beautiful and intricate, that I would not leave one out.  I was going to show the beautiful feather jacket, by bianca Foulon, that I purchased, but sadly I do not have the space.  All I can tell you is that it is magnificent and absolutely stunning on.  Please stop by Mimi’s and purchase this beautiful creation.  The feathers move so beautifully and wearing it makes you feel absolutly devine.


SF DESIGNS – Courtesan Silver

Love silver colored corset top with prim ribbon in back, with matching shoes



Also comes with black pants

Great for any occasion


JADOR – X-mas Lady

Absolutely beautiful and in time for Christmas


JADOR – Gold Heart

Absolutely Breath Taking


JADOR – Cleo

Beautiful black dress with pearls wrapped around the arms and neck decending down the back



Rez Date:  November 7, 2006

I started with resell items, changed them a bit, added things, and took new pics and I was in business.  First creator who came in my shop BAX COEN boots.

Always my mainstore  is next to Redgrave.  Best friends in SL: Dean Ashby and Emilia Redgrave

Brands I carry at the lady’s store:
Jador by ziamela Loon, biancaF, OC creations, Lady Thera dresses, Anubis designs, Unique Moonsoo, SF Designs,Clio Cardiff, Bax Coen boots and accessories, Role Optic glasses, Design and Function shoes, ZEB& SLY poses

brands men’s store:
Sartoria by traveller Bade, Atelier Bonetto, Alphamale, SF Designs, Anubis Style, M.R.M, Outcast, JCSHOES, Kalnin Shoes, ZEB&SLY poses

Nominated for SLentrepreneur of the year 2008 – event 20 dec at 1 pm

I will be auctioned  at 28th Dec – Make a Wish Foundation



JADOR – Mirage 

 Mirage is black, daring, sexy and provocative, leaving little to the imagination of seduction


  JADOR – Hot Red Byker

 Hot Red Byker is red leather adorned with diamonds.  Sexy and beautiful for the holidays



 JADOR –  Queztal

 The beautiful Queztal with the colorful feathers will stop anyone in their tracks with excitement and awe at this marvelous design and daring allure.  The movement of the feathers if  phenomenal.  No one will be able to keep their eyes off of you.



 JADOR – Mata Hari

Mata Hari Here is the outfit to make a statement. The beautiful silver of the Mata Hari.  Very seductive with a deep hint of allure.  It is  for the woman who craves excitement in her life.

 untitled1ZEB & SLY

Last I would like to end with

amazing new model poses at Mimi’s Choice.

They are completely unique and new to the field of modeling.

I used them the other day at the Ewing Winter Splash Show and loved having these poses

to show to the rest of the guests.  They are truly unique.

       Please stop by Mimi’s choice to take a look.