This month Second Life is losing one of its more prolific and creative designers of clothing.  I was saddened to learn recently, that Freda Fredriksson will be closing her store; Freda’s Fine Fashions.  Everyone who knows Freda, knows that she put great care into her creations and each and everyone of them is a part of her.  She drew on many aspects of life and fashion to produce her designs but always added enough originality to make them her own, and I for one appreciate and applaud her efforts, as I am sure many do.  I would like to personally thank her for all she has contributed to Second Life fashion and will hope that someday she decides to return to it.  I do, however, wish her well and success in any endeavors she pursues.


Although the store will be closing this month, there will be a closeout sale through Jan 10th.  All items in the store are marked down to L$100, so you have a last chance to get those outfits you’ve been meaning to.  They were always a good value at the original price, now they are a real bargain.  And for those of you that aren’t aware, she also has a men’s shop; Freda’s For Men, that also has all items in the store marked down to L$100, since it too will be closed, (excluding the Men’s Tail Coat which is has only been sold on request).