Simone! Ice Princess

Simone! Ice Princess

They say love is not measured by how it makes you feel, but by how you make the other person feel.  If that’s the case, then Simone Stern truly loves us.   Simone! Designs has released an exquisite new gown called the Ice Princess, that will not only kindle sparks of romance, but will make you feel like royalty. 

When I first started Second Life back in March of 2006, one of the first places I discovered for quality clothing at reasonable prices was Simone! DesignsSimone Stern has been around Second Life since December 2004, so she’s no stranger when it comes to clothing design.  That quickly becomes apparent when you teleport to her store and your eyes gaze upon the vibrant colors and wonderfully detailed designs.  Some of those designs you can check out at her store, Simone! Designs and her blog by the same name.

No wardrobe is complete without a formal gown and Simone! Designs does not disappoint.  Sensual yet classy, the Ice Princess comes in several different colors — Green (not pictured), Champagne, Red, Purple, Silver, Pink and Blue (not pictured) as well as several different wearing options.  Feeling a tad more formal, you can wear the belle flexi skirt or if you want to feel a bit more sexy, you could slip on the flexi train skirt.  It also comes with gloves for that more sophisticated look. 

This isn’t called the Ice Princess for nothing…plenty of skin showing to allure any man to embrace you to warm you up.  With the highly detailed halter top, criss-crossing jewels across the midriff and seductive bare back, you will be sure to set the right mood for that romantic evening.  A must have for any wardrobe.