Applonia Criss – CHANTKARE

Rez Date:  December 17, 2007


As I search each week for a designer or fashion business to write about, my mind is filled with many great names.  One name that stood out to me this week was Applonia Criss and her wonderful creations called Chantkare.

I have known of her designs for a while now and I have had the distinct privilege of modeling her clothing in the Ewing winter fashion show called Winter Splash.  I loved her creations and the way they fit the body and look so natural.  The movement is so much fun.  Applonia is so creative and interesting with her texturing and her imagine runs wild with exciting designs. 

In speaking with Applonia, she was once asked what Chantkare meant.  Her reply was,  “It means Fun, Modern, Upbeat, Positive and Classy all in one.”  And fun her clothing is.  She started making cloths back in August and opened up her shop in September.  Since she learned how to make clothing it has been non stop for her ever since.  The concept behind her creations of clothing, is to provide something that’s fresh and somewhat different that appeals to all women and some men.  She wanted to present a very European look ..being that she is in the USA .  She also cares most about Color and Movement as well as Textures and Details.

Her shop is colorful and upbeat with a fresh retro/modern appeal.  Lots of color and well displayed outfits, running from lingerie to evening formals.  I also found in her store, great jewelry, that I could not resist and bought every piece.  Then upstairs I got the best pair of sparkly gold hip huggers, which are “Out of this world.”

I have been given two very fun outfits to model for you from Applonia.  They both have a very Euro feel to them and I enjoyed to wear them and show them to everyone.



wonderful little sweater dress

Cowl neck is open in the back







thigh high stocking and necklace accessory


I would like to express my thanks to Applonia for allowing me to write about her wonderful store and absolutely stunning creations.  She is one of those designers whom we are going to hear more and more and more of.  Today the jewelry I am wearing to accessorize these outfits, is the very jewelry that I bought at her store.  I love it.