After the audition, with many gorgeous models, the decision had to be made which models will walk the runway during the EFA-AIFW2009 show. We are proud to present to you the names of these models. Joining lead model Rena Mascot will be Aleida Rhode (Miss SL World 2008 ), Gamp Lane, Imogen Miklos, Laura18 Streeter, Mariah Urriah, Menja Slade, Mimmi Boa (Miss Virtual World, 2009), Payton Heron (Runway Magazine Model of the Year 2009) and ZoeAnastasia Aeon. This is a diverse of group of professional Second Life models from around the world, emphasing the global reach that is available to this digital world.  These models will be walking together on the same runway  though they are based in Asia, Europe and the Americas.  Rehearsals have already begun under the direction of show host Tiffany Dragonash and lead model Rena Mascot.

EFA-AIFW2009 - Model group

Photo of the model team, made by Connie Arida. From left to right: Laura18 Streeter, ZoeAnastasia Aeon, Rene Mascot (lead model), Payton Heron, Gamp Lane, Menja Slade, Imogen Miklos, Mariah Urriah and Aleida Rhode (not pictured: Mimmi Boa)


Laura18 Streeter: “I barely had time to know what hit me at the casting, … I didn’t expect to be chosen!  I think this is a grand show that EFA is putting on and the whole idea of matched time/walk/runway/model looks and viewing both shows in both worlds to be really cool.”

Gamp Lane: “I am so pleased to be invited to participate in the EFA-AIFW show as a model.  I believe the real life public by and large views Second Life with a skeptical eye.  Those of us who reside in this virtual world are well aware of the incredible talent here and the amount of work involved in our activities.  For this show alone, models will spend hours practicing on the runway and styling the clothing we will be privileged to wear.  There has already been an incredible amount of work done to organize this show, and that is reflected in the attention to detail that I witness at each practice.  As a long time Second Life model, it is exciting to know that I will be walking the runway just as the Real life models are walking in Amsterdam.  Through Second life, I am living a dream that would have been impossible for me in First life, and I am so very thankful for this opportunity.”

Imogen Miklos: “I was so excited about having the opportunity of auditioning for a spot in the EFA-AIFW show just in general. Knowing that Ewing Agency is ran by some of the most professional models in the SL modeling industry, I would have to do my best to impress. I feel very honored that I was chosen out of this pool of talented ladies. The competition was extremely fierce with some truly impressive models in the running. I am thrilled to be part of the Ewing Family and look forward to the new friendships I will gain in the process. “

Menja Slade: “It was my first audition  and so I was really kicking myself as I was answering the question, there was so much more I wanted to say.. but my typing was not so fast… so I just typed the first thing that came to my mind. Hearing all the other answers I felt that moment that this was the end for me. My surprise was immense when I got the invitation. I was more then happy and also proud that I made it, that my hard work in becoming a professional model was now topped with being in an EFA show. Being finally aware what kind of show this is, I am even more excited (gladly I have no time now for a nervous break down.. I think I will simply have it after the show ~laughs~). I really thank my friends who were backing me up to try it… and thanking EFA for giving me this chance to have an amazing new experience.”

Rena Mascot: “Always trying something new makes me excited… but i feel dread if we fail for the show too. It was very good what we take picture together and  we shout “cheer up” together at backstage before start the training and I believe we can make this show very good ^^ because I am with very pretty and good models “cheer up” ^^ “

Photos of the training by Aleida Rhode


Be sure to mark your calendars for 26 January 2009 and be there to enjoy these models working the catwalk!



EFA-AIFW2009 (logo red)

The following models will walk in the EFA-AIFW2009 show: Rena Mascot, Laura18 Streeter, ZoeAnastasia Aeon, Payton Heron, Gamp Lane, Menja Slade, Imogen Miklos, Mariah Urriah, Mimmi Boa and Aleida Rhode