It can be very expensive to stay ahead of the fashion trends in Second Life™. Most month’s I spend around $5000 Linden or more on skin, hair, shoes, clothing, and accessories. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love a wonderful store freebie, group gift, or hunt find. Those freebies can spruce up your wardrobe when your wallet has nothing but lint in it.

Pixeldolls is one of the best kept secrets in SL™, and their subscrib-o-matic is a gift giving MACHINE, granting about a gift per week. Aoharu even has a 50% sale through January 17th, Tuli has released new Meredith make-ups and is giving one away free in the store, and LeLutka (MMS) has a group gift if you join now.

Here are some of what I’ve found to be the best groups, subscrib-o-matics, and store freebies in SL™:
YIPs (Store)
Icing (Group and Store)
Artilleri (Group Gifts)
HOH (Subscrib-o-matic)
Pixel Dolls (Subscrib-o-matic)
Tuli (Group – $250 join)
LeLutka (Group and Store)
Chai (Subscrib-o-matic)
Bijou (Store)
Aoharu (Store)

Aoharu Mash-Up
Style Card:
Hair – Truth – Renee in Raven
Skin, Eyes & Lashes – LeLutka – HelsinkiLight Makeup, Turquoise Eyes, Photoshoot Lashes
Dress – Aoharu – Chiffon Ruffle in Black  and Ruffle Shirt in Blue (Two Different Outfits)
Flower – Truth – Antie in Blue (From Hair)