Neferia Abel was one of the designers who showed her collection in the early shows of EFA, First Impression III. At that time a daring step. And again she shows she is not afraid to do something new and take a challenge, because Neferia will be one of the designers in the EFA-AIFW2009 show. This lady from Norway started designing in October 2oo6 and since than she gave many females the sexy feminine look of the past. You can find the fashion styles from the 18th century until present days at Invalde. And recently she even started to make skins. I always love her shop, it makes you travel into time without giving you a dull out of fashion feeling.  I asked her to give some reactions on the preparation of the EFA-AIFW2009 designs. 

EFA-AIFW2009 Neferia 5EFA-AIFW2009 Neferia 2EFA-AIFW2009 - Neferia Abel 4

Neferia Abel  pictured by Connie Arida 

For the EFA-AIFW2009 show you have to reproduce 4 outfits from the RL-show. The RL-designer describes her designs as follow: “My common designs are simple and wearable dresses. Those are most of the time make from the unusual choice of material.”  How far does your style meet this style? And can you replace yourself in this style and work with it?

Neferia: The dresses to make to this show looks very different from what I use to make. Its a challenge but will be fun, I like a challenge.  

You are placed in the theme “Then”  for the show. Do you have some feeling with this theme related to your common style? Does it fit you?

Neferia: Ivalde makes Classic Vintage clothing for todays fashionable women. Ivalde draws on good designs from all eras,hoping to evoke the elegance and glamour of bygones days, Ivalde is dedicated to bringing classic style to Second Life. I am placed in the then catogory and that suits me ,since I make mostly vintage,clothes from the bygones days. 

The color of the designs you will create for this show is black. Do you use this color a lot? What is the special challenge for this color? Do you have a special connection with this color?

Neferia: My color is black and everybody need a black dress in their wardrobe, sl or rl:) It can be a difficult, cause details often dont show so well in black clothes. 

 EFA-AIFW2009 - outfit Invalde

Photographer of the picture and model on the picture: Connie Arida, wearing  ~Ivalde~Augusta black dress 1920 

Have a look yourself at Invalde and give yourself the feminine look of the gone days.   is always busy with new things and her collection grows day by day, for sure you will find something that suits you!


EFA-AIFW2009 (logo red)


Neferia Abel is part of the designer team of the EFA-AIFW2009 show. Her creations will be  presented in the theme “then”.