Looloo Beck’s


Well this week I am thrilled to write about Looloo Beck and her amazing designs at GothiCatz.  I don’t know how many of you have ever walked into her store, but it is out of this world.  Talk about everything you would ever want in Goth or soft Goth, it is all here and more.  I first went to GothiCatz about a year ago and fell in love with the amazing textures that Looloo was using and the quality and design of her clothing.  It is so much fun to wear for getting our funk on.  I love to throw on her clothing along with some big boots or even some small boots, some funky, fun hair and walk out into a crowd.   It is amazing how many compliments I receive when wearing GothiCatz clothing.  How many heads turn and how many want to know where I got the fun clothing I am wearing.  Not only are her designs fun, but they are flirtatious and sexy.

When you walk into her store, the feeling is one of an urban warehouse.  It’s a great feeling and inside everywhere you look, your eyes fall upon fantastic creations that come from the amazingly creative mind of Looloo Beck.  On the left you will find the women’s and on the right you will find the men’s.  But don’t stop there, climb up the ramp and there is even more.  Anything you have ever wanted in Goth clothing, you will find there.  It is fun to shop there and you can spend hours doing it.  Trust me, I know.

Here are a few words from Looloo Beck

“What first brought me into Second Life in early 2007, was simple curiosity.  A new world, many things to see and discover….for me it was just a game….I couldn’t have imagined the complexity and diversity, I’ve found here. 

In the beginning I was just hanging out with people and visiting new places everyday and learning about everything!  I started designing cloths when I found out that I could have much more fun doing something I really love, expressing my creativity in a world, where almost everything is possible!  I started with a small shop and a few vender’s.  Today I have over 200 designs for sale at the main store at GothiCatz Island, and about 3000 group members.  The store was born in early 2007 and I work every single day, to keep new releases coming up every week.  Designing cloths is addictive, because that is how I express my passion for fashion and the arts.

I love my work!  However, copyright infringes are discouraging designers to keep on creating, making them want to quit.  It’s a horrible feeling of being personally violated!  And a pity for Second Life to loose all of it’s best creators.  The challenge is to win the war against content theft.  Together we are stronger and we are hoping Linden Lab, will do something really effective in 2009.”





Very fun outfit in white leopard, with fur trimmed on jacket at both cuffs and around the darling hood.  Short cut offs and leg warmers also trimmed in fur and the sexy below knee tights, trimmed in white leopard




Outfit in stripped knit with a flexy skirt, fir trimmed cuffs and collar, black stockings along with stripped leggings with buckles




Metal mesh flexy dress with fir trimmed leggings, wrap around belt and thigh high mesh stocking



TRAFFIC  (female)

Torn and worn jeans with a jacket having fir on cuffs and collar with chain clasps




Dressy Goth with brochaid bodice, criss cross top and bodice front,  beautiful flexy skirt and wrap around tube belt


It has been a pleasure to work with Looloo Beck and introduce her and her lovely creations.  She has also asked me to invite all of you to view all the new releases at:

 GothiCatz blog