Applonia Criss CHANTKARE

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Week before last,  I had a lot of fun writing about Applonia Criss and her fantastic line of clothing, named CHANTKARE. This week I am going back and writing about her men’s line of clothing which is up and coming. As you know, I am committed to bring to light more of the men’s lines of quality fashion designs.  I have said this before that the guy’s sometimes get the short end of the stick and they are out there hunting for new looks in clothing.  Here you are men, CHANTKARE, has some nice outfits for you to check out.

I also feel that if the industry were more open with transferable for men, the women would go nuts at buying more for their honeys.  I know I would.  I Am, therefore I Shop. Seriously I have to raise my hand and state, My name is Tammy Trommler and I am a Shopaholic. I am here to tell you that if men’s clothing were transferable, my guy would have an inventory that would blow his mind.

Again I cannot say enough about her design techniques and use of textures.  For the short time that Applonia has been designing, I have to say that this woman has got it pegged.  Watch out world here she comes.

Also ladies, I have got to tell you that I found the sexiest little sparkly silver dress at her store next door yesterday.  I bought it immediately.  It has a low, low back and is covered around the edges by a hanging cowl.  Absolutely beautiful.  My fiance went bonkers when he saw it.  He absolutely loved it on me.  I must admit, I love it too.  Guys get over there and buy it for your girl.  She will love you for it.

FREE – YES FREE!  Applonia has a great men’s holiday outfit at her store and guess what?  It is transferable!  Ladies get over there and pick it up, it is on the second floor in the men’s section.  Men get over there and take advantage of it as all.  It is a beautiful red sweater with green and while boxer shorts.  It is so hot looking, when worn with low riding jeans, you can see the top of the boxers.  Way, way sexy.  I know that it is past Christmas and all, but get it for next year, before she takes it down.  I’m serious!



Men’s Verde Outfit
 men’s pants – green tweed
men’s shirt, that to me looks like chamois, yet it is tightly woven tweed
Very Nice


Men’s Homme Outfit
Men’s Stripe sweater CHANTKARE green
Men’s plaid trousers with chain – green CHANTKARE
Men’s sweater top tuck in green CHANTKARE
Men’s sweater worn out CHANTKARE green


Great CHANTKARE red sweater
Green and red boxers

Again I want to thank Applonia Criss and her professional approach to everything.  It is always a pleasure to be in her company and to be in her store CHANTKARE