Sysy Chapman was one of the designers at the EFA-First Fusion show last year and I am glad she liked it so much that she was willing to participate in EFA-AIFW2009 too. Last year she was a beginning designer, but a lot has changed.  This active lady has done many things, her own fashion shows, a new sim combined with an interview in ALTAMODA , had her performance on Fashion TV and not to forget a new mainstore. Recently she is making a fist for Warchild, but you will see her contributing to many other charity events. She still has time to launch many new releases and have some laughs and fun… and a few minutes to answer some questions from me!

EFA-AIFW2009 Sysy 11EFA-AIFW2009 Sysy 9EFA-AIFW2009 Sysy 5

Sysy Chapman pictured by Connie Arida

For the EFA-AIFW2009show you have to reproduce 4 outfits from the RL-show. The RL-designer describes her designs as follows: “My common designs are simple and wearable dresses. Those are most of the time made from an unusual choice of material.”  How far does your style meet this style?  And can you replace yourself in this style and work with it?

Sysy: Laughing, I can say my style is simple and wearable too but I think thats as far as the comparison goes. What I try when I create is indeed that things are “wearable”, but I try to always give it a little extra. I can replace myself in this style, and work with it to the best I can, however I have to say that it stays hard to replicate something based on photographs where you don’t see the movement and the “feel” of the outfits, do you know what I mean?  I must also add that I’m in RL not involved in Fashion, so I might have a different look as to what looks good or not (looking with my SL eyes).

You are placed in the theme “Now”  for the show. Do you have some feeling with this theme related to your common style? Does it fit you?

Sysy: The “now” theme is the best theme for me, so I got lucky with that. I tend to always (also in my RL) look ahead and think too much of  the future and whats gonna come, what I’m trying to do in SL aswell as my RL is to “live in the NOW” is how we say it. So the theme is a good reminder in more ways then only Fashion.

The color of the designs you will create for this show is red. Do you use this color a lot? What is the special challenge for this color? Do you have a special connection with this color?

Sysy: I love red! If I was given the chance to choose a color, I would’ve picked red or black. Red is vibrant, festive, chique and can be used for almost anything in my opinion. I’m probably gonna cheat a little and make my red a little more firetruck red then the red used in the RL designs.

Outfit SySy's

Photographer of the picture and model on the picture: Connie Arida, wearing SYSY’s Flashback – red

Go visit Sysy’s Design now, you will find a nice collection of casual, formal and edgy styles to get your Sysy look!

EFA-AIFW 2009 (red)

Sysy Chapman is part of the designer team of the EFA-AIFW2009 show. Her creations will be  presented in the theme “now”.