Pictures are the nicest memories. But pictures of a fashion show goes beyond that. It is also a way to show the outfits of the designers, make the sponsors visible and show what the Ewing Fashion Agency has to offer you. And be honest… who does not try to find himself in the pictures and spot who else was there and what they wear? For the EFA-AIFW2009 show, Tillie Ariantho will be the show-photographer, well known from many shows she pictures, I had the chance to ask her some questions.

EFA-AIFW2009 - Tillie pictured by herself at a show 1EFA-AIFW2009 - Tillie pictured herself at a show 2

You can always find Tillie in the collection of the show pictures she made. Left at the EFA-AIFW2009 model audition and right at EFA presents Amanda Bolero

How many shows did you photograph until now? And do you have some favorits?

I did 148 fashion shows so far, a couple of them were just 20 minutes, some others were stretching over a whole week, like the EFA fashion week and the Mantova fashion week. Besides those I did photos at some musical and art events. One of my favourites is the Shiki sim opening, photos are all colorful as is the sim itself.

You must have an enourmous PC, your images looks always perfect, when the lag is enourmous at most shows. Do you have special equipment?

Nothing special. It is a quad-core cpu, 4gb ram and an nvidia gtx 260 with 896mb ram, running with windows xp, hahaha. Oh, and I got a 30″ display since december, so I don’t need to do any “high-res” snapshots anymore, as my native resolution is already 2560×1600.

EFA-AIFW2009 - Tillie catching the moment 1EFA-AIFW2009 - Tillie catching the moment 2

Catching the moments, at the left Una Ewing in the pool after the EFA on honeymoon show and at the right the wink of Rena Mascot at the EFA-Fashion Week 2007

How do you prepare for a show?

The usual things… I teleport to the sim where the event is happening and relog there. Then I check that my display settings are at the maximum, select my selfmade windlight settings and switch off local lights, because many people have a facelamp attached that’s rivaling with the sun… and my windlight settings illuminate the models enough. Then I cam around a bit to get all the textures from the environment and first guests loaded. Which means: I have to be there half an hour before the show. After that I cam backstage to make sure the models are all rezzed well for me. Then I wait for the beginning of the show.

Do you have some tips, for photographers, runway builders guests or whatever what can make the pictures of a show nicer? Are there do and donts?

Oh my, I have lots of those!

Runway builders / event organizers: no hard bright or dark colors for walls/floors, no transparent walls/floors, because that messes up sheer clothing and makes invisiprims from shoes visible. Don’t put any visible light beams above the catwalk, models tend to stand right in them, which looks silly, and when caming around, I get stuck in them quite often. And please, no 60m long catwalks and no chairs without poseballs. And if you can get in touch with the sim owner: reboot the sim before the show, especially if you expect there to be more than 50 guests. And maybe set a landing point so people drop in not too far from the event? It happens quite often that people either drop onto the catwalk because they got an old landmark, or that they have to cross half the sim to get to the event. And this is hard if the sim is pretty full already. I got dozens more things to think of when doing a show or event, but maybe this is not the right place now. But if you want to know, ask me.

Photographers: I alread answered that at how I prepare myself for a shoot.

But I have some for the models too: no armpit poses please (you know what I mean!), no tiptoe poses, and please try to not use those animated poses where you move like all three seconds. They have some weird poses in and it’s pretty hard for a photographer if the model moves too much. AND: if you got the clothing for a fashion show, please try the poses and your hair with that clothing. You will find that many poses are bad with certain hair and clothing. Better some not-so-stylish standing poses than hair sticking out of your chest. Thank you!

EFA-AIFW2009 - Tillie models and designs during show 1EFA-AIFW2009 - Tillie models and design during a show 2
Designs and model during the show. At the left a picture of the EFA ALTAMODA magazine launch show and at the right EFA-Runway Diva III

Watch the pictures of the EFA-AIFW2009 show at the EFA blog after the show!

EFA - AIFW 2009 (red)

Tillie Ariantho will be the official show photographer for EFA-AIFW2009