I want to give a big applause to Sysy Chapman, Neferia Abel, Sascha Frangilli, Digit Darkes and Zaara Kohime. This designer team did a fantastic job by reproducing the RL-designs in Second Life for the EFA-AIFW2009 show. The challenge was big. They had to work with working pictures of the RL designer, Jennifer Delano. There was no possibility to see how these designs move, feel, look and fit on a model. And the pictures were not of a very brilliant quality. Also the style of the designs was complete different that they were used to normally. So a complete other way of working, thinking and improvisation was required. You could see the results during the EFA-AIFW2009 show.  But also these outfits are now for sale in the shops of the designers. Also you can read at their blogs how they experienced the challenge.

 THEN – BLACK (Neferia Abel and Zaara Kohime)

EFA-AIFW2009 - Then balck by Neferia AbelEFA-AIFW2009 - Then Black by Zaara Kohime


NOW – RED (Sysy Chapman and mixed designers)

 EFA-AIFW2009 - Now red by Sysy ChapmanEFA-AIFW2009 - Now red by Neferia Abel


SOON – WHITE (Digit Darkes and Sascha Frangilli) 

 EFA-AIFW2009 - Soon white by digit DarkesEFA-AIFW2009 - Soon white by Sascha Frangilli

For me it was nice to see how everybody coped with this challenge. And great I had the change to have a little view in their kitchen, explaining me what was possible and what difficulties SL can give you when designing clothes. Certainly I will look different now at the designs I can find in SL. What also is nice, that you still can recognise the style of each designer in the reproduced outfits. Sysy, Neferia, Sascha, Digit and Zaara, I want to thank you all for this experience, it was great working with you and nice to know you all a little bit more now! Keep up the good work you all deliver.