Zullay Thor

About a month ago, I was shopping with my friend at Le.Look.  Everyone knows how fun it is to shop there and get acquainted with the various designers.  One of the shops we walked into was Zullay Designs.  Both Katalina and I fell in love with the clothing there, right away.  Zullay Thor, was a designer that I was not acquainted with and did not know her line of clothing.  As we were discussing how much we were loving the spunky designs, with wonderful color and texture and how life like it felt wearing it, that it dawned on me that I had to contact Zullay right away and ask her if I could blog her store and line of clothing. 

I am excited to come across fresh, new styles with so much quality associated with it.  Zullay got with me and we set up the blog for this week.  I went to her main store and could not believe my eyes.  It is huge and full of everything from hair to ethereal clothing.  I was in shopping heaven, and as you all know; I, Tammy Trommler am a shopaholic.  But not for just anything.  Oh no, it must be of outstanding quality and design.

I took my girlfriends over there and they absolutely adored it.  They were excited about the same things that I was talking about and also the reasonable price that Zullay is charging for each article.  The store is well laid out and each item is easy to see.  The walls have large pictures of the outfits shown on models in pictures, so that you can get a perfect idea of the look of what you are buying.  Again detail, it is right down to prim/flexy  belts fitting like they should, with no big gaps.  I personally loved that.  Zullay is all about detail, detail, detail.  Just right up our alley ladies.

In the store you will find beautiful skins with absolutely no lines showing.  They range from alabaster to deep mocha and in several makeup ranges.  Also is several hair styles and I love them all, in fact have them all.  Styles range from elegant to spunky.  Clothing ranging from casual to office attire on to evening and glamour.  Oh yes, also limited editions are there too.  The Ethereal Collection is whimsical and fairy like.  I swear the best wings I have ever worn I got from Zullay Design.  I am so pleased to present her clothing, skins and hair to you at this time.



Ethereal Skin Collection



I enjoy fashion, so I naturally gravitated to clothing, skins and hair when I came to Second Life.   Creating here in Second Life allows for a certain freedom that is quite therapeutic.  One day I can create fairy wings and a magic wand, and the next day I am designing an elegant gown fit for true diva.  I am so in love with the creativity of Second Life residents as a whole, and the diversity is very inspiring from an artistic standpoint.

My personal style is very eclectic from bohemian to vintage glamour, and even 80’s punk.  I’m a total chameleon and anything can spark an idea for one of my designs.  I do follow real world fashions and I get a lot of inspiration from the colors and textures seen on the  runway,  and sometimes music videos or movies, but I stick to my own style and aesthetic.   I have to get excited when I see it completed, or I trash it.  I don’t expect someone to wear my items if they don’t thrill me enough to want to wear them.  I try to put out new releases every week, but I’m far too picky with what I put in the shop.  I’d rather go a month without anything new rather than put out something I’m not proud of. 

This has been a great experience for me.  Zullay Designs opened about 4 months ago and I’ve gotten a lot of support and encouragement.  I have the coolest customers who take the time to tell me what they like, and give suggestions to what they’d like to see.  It’s cool to get in world and find a note from a customer who just loves wearing something I made. That keeps me so motivated to continue to create.  When I was younger I wanted to open a hip little boutique and fill it with all types of clothing styles so people could blend different looks to create their own style, so this is very much living out a bit of fantasy for me. 



Casual Suit from Hera Separates  –  Skin is Glamour_ Shine/Pale  –  Hair is Jazzed/Dark Blonde


Glamour Coat/Red & Mustard  –  Skin is Glamour_ Shine/Blush  –  Hair is Jazzed/Ash Blonde


Poet Collection_Penelope Skirt & Blouse  –  Skin is Glamour_ Glitz/Sunkist  –  Hair is Undone/Warm Blonde


Marilyn Dress/Lilac  –  Skin is Glamour_Glitz/Alabaster  –  Hair is Drama/Black


Flora Dress/Scarlet  –  Skin is Glamour_Glitz/Blush  –  Hair is Jazzed/Black


Veronica Gown/Red  –  Skin Glamour_Glitz Pale  –  Hair is Drama/Ash Blonde


Ethereal_Sweet Fae Spring  –  Skin is Glamour_Shine/Pale  –  Hair is Undone/Ash Blonde





I would like to thank Zullay Thor, for a great time working with her and her happy and fun personality.  It has been a pleasure writing about such wonderful work.