JD Hansen

This week I am so proud to be writing about one of the absolute best jewelry designers in Second Life.  I have stated before, that when I first came into Second Life, I wanted to find high quality fashion in all fields.  At first it was very hard and as all new people who come to this marvelous world, I was clueless as to where I could find all that I was looking for.  I’m still not sure how I found JCNY, but I can still remember how I felt, when I first walked into the store.

I felt as if I could not get enough of it.  The store was full of beautiful clothing, shoes, diamonds, jewels and all committed to superb craftsmanship.  I am also impressed with the professional manner in which they handle all of their customers.  I made an incorrect purchase once.  I contacted JD Hansen and she made everything right with me in absolute record time.  While this was going on, I happened to be able to talk to her just a little and she was mentioning about how long it takes to design her jewelry.  That her team sometimes work on one piece for weeks to get it just right.  That nothing is released until it is meticulous in every aspect.  I bought the Mariner World Time Zone Watch for my partner, Dolphin Robson as a gift for Christmas.  It is his favorite piece of jewelry.  When looking at it up close, it replicates a real world watch explicitly.  From a distance the quality is still discernable.  There is nothing like fine craftsmanship as far as I am concerned or anyone else for that manner.  I would also like to thank JD Hansen, for giving this absolutely breathtaking jewelry at such affordable prices.  When you think of the time and expense that has gone into developing any of her creations, it is beyond me, how the price still comes in so reasonable.



At JCNY you will also find The Vault.  Inside the vault you will find the Limited Editions.  With such exquisite designs as the Genesis and Nova Collections.  Which are pictured below.  Now these two pieces have had only 30 of each made and they have sold through half of each.  Any man wanting to give the ultimate gift to his woman, well here it is.





Then too, JCNY sponsor’s the JCNY Model’Fest.  The Model’Fest is a monthly competition for the Model of the Month award.  A model only need to obtain an application at JCNY and follow the simple directions to apply.  If chosen they are able to model for that month outside of JCNY on the runway.  This is an excellent way to obtain exposure to all people, designers and others who are connected with the fashion industry.  The model for the month receives excellent prize monies and gifts.  Then at the end of the year they are considered for the JCNY Model of the Year.  I was fortunate to be a model in November.  It was a wonderful experience and I obtained many life long friends from those I posed with on the runway.  I have found myself extremely busy the last few months to enter again.  Yet when things slow down just a bit for me, I will be applying to be a JCNY Model’Fest Model, again.  Wonderful, wonderful experience.

JD has given me two beautiful pieces of jewelry to show you for this writing.  I am honored and privileged to model them for you now.










I would like to thank JD Hansen for allowing me to write about her.  She is such an outstanding woman and has made such a contribution to Second Life. You must see her fantastic collection of jewelry that is found at JCNY.  As I assessed her store today, before writing this article, I noticed how many lovely new Valentine’s Day types of jewelry there are out for the men to buy their special lady.  Then too all the beautiful wedding sets, just in time to ask your sweetheart during Valentines month to marry you.  I love JCNY and I know whom ever walks through it’s doors will love it as well.