Established 2004

Sky Everett

It wasn’t until just recently that I heard about Sky Everett and what wonderful furniture she made and hair too.  I also heard how elegant her store was.  So me being a curious person, decided to head over to Sky Everett Designs and check out for myself, all that I had heard about.

When I first walked through the doors I was taken in with the beauty of the home furnishings that I saw and how detailed and exquisite everything was.  I spent a long time on the first floor just going around and looking at the beautiful furniture and flowers.  If you are into redecorating your home or decorating a new home, come check Sky Everett Design out.

I eventually went upstairs to check out the hair.  Being a model and fashion nut, I love hair.  My hair inventory looks like I could own Wig’s R Us.  Yet I am always looking for unusual and well detailed hair that moves nicely, but isn’t all over the place.  I also have a problem with hair that will not move.  It’s good for some styles, but I like some small tendrals, etc. that show movement and freedom of hair.  It makes me feel more natural.

I can truthfully say that Sky’s hair is in a league of it’s own.  It is magnificent!  Detail, detail, detail and nothing but detail.  A girlfriend of mine bought a wig from Sky and was in need of a small change.  Now Sky is an extremely busy woman, but for my friend and her very special occasion for buying the wig, sky accommodated her and helped.  I love that type of caring and the ability of a business woman, to reach out and assist a client.  That speaks volumes for Sky and also why she is so successful. 

In addition to her wigs, she has beautiful designs in eyes and also some jewelry.  A very nice perk, is free eyelashes, that you will find upstairs by the wigs. 


Incubus – Eyes for Design


Sairawen – Natural


Kiera – Natural


Tresor – Red Medium


Raven Spire – Silver Jewels


Lady Alanya – Colour Change Option


I truly do love the wigs at Sky Everett Designs.  She has a couple of new designs out at this time.  I would also like to mention that there are also some great men’s styles there as well.  I have bought my wig for my up coming wedding, from Sky.  But alas, I cannot say which one or which colour it was as my sweetheart reads the EFA Blogs faithfully.