I absolutely love to show any designer’s new line of clothing.  The first one to approach me this Spring was Mimi Juneau, representing Ziamela Loons, Jador Spring Collection.  As always Ziamela has gone completely out of her way to present new and innovative designs.   They are bold, sparkling, sexy and have a new flair to them.

When I put these new outfits on my body, I was completely taken back by the beautiful colors.  The twist to the design that always sets Ziamela’s fashion’s apart from the norm.  I love how she makes the whole ensemble come together by adding things like shoes, chokers, sandals, arm and leg accessories.

Then her gowns are always stunning.  Beautiful and flowing.  The design bold and full of thought provoking sexiness.  Anytime you put on a Jador gown, you will stand out in a crowd and those around you will be captivated by your beauty.  Those who dance with you will be pulled into your curves and how they stand out in Ziamela’s beautiful creations.  There is nothing like a Jador fashion statement.

Designs Modeled by:  Tammy Trommler



Apala has the feel of the American Southwest, with rich colours and sexy designs.  It comes with boots and arm and neck accessories.  It also has long levi style pants to add a different twist to the outfit.



Rich red color with one poof sleeve and arm decoration to mimic the shimmering sandal’s.  Gold fleck’s adorn the body.  High waisted belt with gold buckle.  Very sexy for clubbing



Fun Capri’s finished with lace at the bottom and small bandanna’s, also sparkling double hearts on the left leg. Sandal’s, bandanna belt and bra top adorned with diamonds.  The darling denim vest can be taken off for a different look. 



Beautiful blue shirt with stand-up collar and short skirt to match.  Blue sandal’s that shimmer.  Fun and sexy.




Short striped skirt with long black jacket with sleeves rolled up.  Then a great striped corset to match the skirt, adorned by a white bow.



Sexy little outfit, that has material draped around the body and held together with safety pins and tied on the shoulder.  Sparkling boots to match.



Lovely lines on the black dress with the high slit up the left side, showing a long piece of leg.  The outfit can we worn with or without the jacket.

As with all of Ziamela’s fashions, there are always resizers that come with the different styles.  The resizers enable us to resize many aspects of the outfit, to make the fit perfect for any of us.  This I completely love and am grateful to Ziamela for her thoughtfulness in adding this great benefit to her clothing line.

As always I thank Mimi Juneau from Mimi’s Choice in bringing these great fashions to the forefront and also to Ziamela Loon, who makes such fun, sexy and beautiful cloths coming out for this Spring.  I say ENJOY!