My last blog was centered around Jador Spring Collection in the sportier line.  I now want to address the beautiful new gowns out this Spring by Ziamela Loon.  Again I would like to state how intrigued I become, when I view these amazing works of art.  Again, put anything of Ziamela’s on your body and you come out looking like a million linden’s.

Her gowns bring out the full femininity of the woman and her beautiful curves.  Anywhere you wear them, you are the center of attention.  Not only with the men and women around you as you swirl around dancing or even walking, but in the eyes of the man you are with.  There is absolutely no one who will be able to ignore the beauty of clothing you are wearing.

This Spring the Jador line, is filled with light and life.  Completely different from what you have seen before.  Every gown a work of art that you wear.  Art of the most beautiful kind.

Gowns Modeled By:  Tammy Trommler





This beautiful gown shown in silver.  With the front open to the low abdomen, with swanky chains holding the front together.  A low, low back with beaded strands dangling to the floor.  Movement in this gown is show stopping. 





This gown is simply amazing.  It is a beauty to behold.  Not a detail missed in this beautiful attire.  The gown is made of gold and silver and moves about beautifully.  The golden eye speckles adorn the body.  There is a gorgeous tiara and flame sceptre.  Then the beauty of the light which forms in the image of wings.  As you look from the back, the air is filled with gold sparkling fairy dust.  I have never seen such a work of beauty anywhere.





This dress is amazingly sexy and beautifully well made.  Typical of what you would expect from Jador.  Nothing but the finest.  The gown is in gold texture and moves so incredibly well.  I love how it trains in the back and has the swag on the right side.  Tying on the left shoulder to hide the breast and then on the right breast, a beautiful flower covers you there.  This gown is the epitome of sexiness for those who dare.


I certainly do encourage all who read this article to venture to Mimi’s Choice, to purchase these gowns for your wardrobe.  Mimi is also conducting a fun event each day, in that she takes a picture of someone who is in her store and if it is you, you are awarded $L500.  Not bad to be paid for shopping.  Also Mimi carries a large array of Jador fashions in her shop and she is usually there working to help you in your purchases.