March 2009


Thanks to Tillie Ariantho for taking the pictures

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I just found out today that Bax Coen is initiating her FIRST EVER Boot Sale

I was visiting Mimi’s Choice for Women this morning and Mimi was telling me about this fantastic sale.


Bax Boots, whom all of Second Life fashion conscious women love, are now selling for $L395 per pair.  They normally sell for $L800.  That is a savings of over 50%. 

There are some hot new textures like the Zebra, which I absolutely fell in love with.  You can also pick up the matching belt and bracelets. Also find the snake skin and various colours of leopard.  All boots come with a matching purse.

Hurry over, while this sale lasts and shop ’til you drop.




This Friday, March 27 at 2 PM SLT, The Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to present Runway Diva 11, sponsored by JE*Republic.  This month the models led by EFA Head model, Rena Mascot will perform a short show with the theme of Dress Collection.  We welcome back SL Supermodel Tempest Hennesy as she joins Rena and her freinds, Silky Trilling,  Annabelle Fleury and Apple Permisohn on the runway for this event.


All are welcome to join us at the agencies runway in Ischia for this event.  As usual, after the models finish their walks, you, the audience, will be invited to signup for an attempt at recreating the show you just saw.  Those wishing to participate should come prepared with two outfits and and your best runway poses.  Guys, even though the theme is Dress Collection, you are welcome to join as well, just be ready in your finest threads.  Those who choose not to walk are asked to vote for the parrticipant you feel walked the best.  The one garnering the most votes wins the prize.

Runway Divas are fun events where anyone can get a taste of the excitement of the runway.  All are welcome to come give it a try.  Who knows, you may be bitten by the model bug and embark on a whol enew career.  Or if you are a new model already, here’s a chance to try out your skills and let others get a look.  Good luck to all who join in.

All of us at The Ewing Fashion Agency would like to thank JE*Republic for their support of Runway Diva.

Temperance Moonites already wrote about the changes Neferia Abel is going through and showed some of her new spring collection. It made me anxious, I know Neferia as a lady who always has idea’s and is willing to try new things, so I visited the official opening of her new store and launch of her new brand, L’Abel to see for myself. I love her new modern style, the designs are more trendy than her brand Ivalde was, you can still see some inspiration from the early days. Which makes her designs standing out instead of being just a go with the fashion flow.

Neferia surprised me with a nice present, a start for my spring wardrobe. I show you here the grey outfits, because they are my personal favorit. But don’t worry, if you like more colorful outfits, you absolutly will find them also at L’Abel!


EFA - L'Abel 3EFA - L  Abel 1EFA - L'Abel 2

Thanks to Tillie Ariantho for making the picture

From left to right I am wearing L`Abel-Marjon dress (Grey), L`Abel-sienna cadetblue, L`Abel- Nadize pants with the L`Abel-Euzebia top (Silver)

Neferia, thanks for the sweet gift and good luck with your personal spring, a new beginning. The place looks great and I can see you put many hours of work in it, all fits to make the trendy, modern, stylish look complete. Complements!

Go take a look at L’Abel now and experience the spring! And you like presents too? You can find 2 special opening gifts from Neferia in the L’Abel store.


Since I was a very young girl I have always loved the elegance of vintage clothing. Neferia Abel, owner and designer of Ivalde Designs has been bringing that elegance into Second Life for awhile now. Neferia has truly set the bar high with the great attention to detail, lush beautiful textures of  clothing &  don’t get me started on the delicious skins. Knowing the quality of her work I got really excited when I found out through EFA’s Tiffany Dragonash that Neferia had decided to expand and work on new more modern designs perfect for every woman with a totally new brand, “L’Abel.  ” Slipping on these new masterpieces I am in awe!  They were everything I imagined and more, sexy, sophisticated, and just simple knock down beautiful. I got to chat with Neferia and she is a sweet person and I am so happy to have met her.


Temperance Moonites: What’s in store for L’Abel and is there anything exciting coming up you would like us to know about?

Neferia Abel: I have a few exciting projects in the works! I will be redesigning the store next week, giving it a more updated, fresh appearance. I’m also going to start designing more contemporary clothing, giving as much attention to design there as I do to my other lines.


The Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to state that we are having outstanding numbers of entries for the Angel of the Month.  This makes us exceptionally happy, in that we love to see the creativity of each woman’s entry for this amazing monthly selection and the benefits that are reaped by everyone who engages.


Each month photos are accepted via the Angel Dessous-Angel of the MonthFlicker Group from the 1st to the 20th.  Photos should be tagged with “Angel Dessous”, “Angel of the Month”, the month of submission  and the name of the lingerie set. 

Starting next month (April), there will be a limit of 2 photo sumissions with a minimum size of 512 x 512 pixels.

A panel of three judges comprised of an EFA employee and two third party professionals will select the best three.  The top photo will be awarded the following:

L$10.000 from Angel Dessous
Angel Of The Month designation for the month following your entry.
Photo shoot in a new/recent Angel Dessous release for display in the Angel Dessous main store.
30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program(subject to acceptance to the program).

Two honorable mentions will each receive an Angel Dessous store gift card and a 10% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program (subject to acceptance to the program).

All photos are to be of models in Angel Dessous lingerie.  Selection will be based on model looks, styling and creativity.

Each month, the selected Angel will be announced on the EFA Fashion Blog and in RUNWAY Magazine.
This is a program for all woman.  Therefore we invite all ladies,  who enjoy fashion, to enter and show your brilliance in your style, looks and creativity.  This is a wonderful way to show yourself off and to recieve an amazing award.  Angel Dessous has such beautiful lingerie items and any woman who puts them on her body will look like a million Linden Dollars and sexy beyond belief.  Now is your opportunity ladies, to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, by showing off your beautiful body and becoming more acquainted with the lovely Angel Dessous designs.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for the aspiring model interested in entering the Ewing Elite Modeling Training Program.  Don’t wait apply now.

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